Discover Medical Marijuana and Cannabis WordPress Theme – Medijuana

Today, a diversity of WordPress themes seems record-breaking. Just by searching in Google, it’s possible to find a huge variety of them. That’s why we’ve decided to introduce to you something new. It’s a fresh medical marijuana and cannabis WordPress WooCommerce theme by Zemez – Medijuana.


Medical Marijuana and Cannabis WordPress Theme?

To be honest, Medijuana grabs the maximum amount of attention at first sight. And, there is no surprise, as this product is dedicated to a very delicate purpose. As the author emphasizes, Medijuana is a carefully designed drug store, medical cannabis oil, CBD WooCommerce theme. Also, you can use it to promote a clinic or any other healthcare institution.

Well, this is really true, as by clicking on the demo button on ThemeForest (the only place where this unique theme can be purchased) you can become an imaginary visitor of a drug store based on Medijuana. So, what can you see? 

First of all, a mix of stylish page sections, web forms, and even banners are hard not to like. Everything is combined to give visitors comfort letting them find what they are interested in. As well, the catchy pop-ups can be used for multiple needs, like asking the age of potential medical marijuana and cannabis buyers or inviting them to make a subscription, etc.

Secondly, all the colors of the Medijuana Medical Cannabis WordPress Theme are well-matched. And, the whole design is breezy, clean, and multifunctional. Plus, everything you can see on the demo is fully customizable!

Cool Ready-To-Use Page Layouts 

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To give users the best editing possibilities, specialists of Zemez have packed Medijuana with diverse show-stopping pre-style page templates and sections. This means that everyone can create a website from scratch without any special skills or long hours of hard work.

There are for you:

  • homepage templates;
  • category and product page mockups;
  • blog page layouts;
  • news, 404 error, and other pages;
  • pre-designed buttons;
  • wishlists and shopping carts;
  • testimonials, and other useful web forms.

Above all, these and many other elements are easy to customize the way you prefer. For example, feel free to change their size, position on a page, add your text, prices, images, and far more. 

Create an eCommerce Medical Website Without Coding

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Now, can you imagine what a powerful store you will build with the Medijuana medical marijuana and cannabis WordPress theme? If you are not sure then it’s reasonable to mention that Medijuana is powered not only with the WooCommerce plugin but also with the Elementor WordPress Page Builder. 

Elementor is also known as the most popular WordPress editor. To work with it, you don’t need coding, extra tech knowledge, or help from specialists. This is so because Elementor is fully adjusted to the requirements of nowadays potential users. And, most of them aren’t tech-savvy. Still, no matter if you plan to launch a site for you or your clients, you will find the process of website or online shop creation quick and exciting. 

Moreover, the Elementor based Medijuana medical theme boasts of:

  • 30+ page layouts;
  • 100+ premium Elementor widgets;
  • 100% visual drag-n-drop website editing.

As for the widgets for Elementor, they allow adding stunning effects to your store. Also, there is a great number of pre-built tables, product listings, grids, headers, footers, and fare more.

Clean Mobile-Friendly Design

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The Medijuana Medical Marijuana and Cannabis WordPress Theme looks the same good as it performs. It’s speedy, cross-browser compatible, and responsive. 

Stay assured that today responsive design is responsible for the future of your online store:

  1. Firstly, it is more convenient for your users. There are no fixed screen size limits, responsive design guarantees good performance on any screen size.
  2. Responsive design is extremely fast and it loads quicker. That’s why developers and marketers are increasingly opting for it.
  3. Responsive design targets the demands of the future. Since it’s not limited to predefined screen sizes, your page will load and look good on the next phones or tablets, and smartwatches by any provider.

Well-Documented and Backed by Live Support

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The Medijuana Medical Cannabis WordPress Theme is a product by a certified author – Zemez. If you want to become its owner, you are welcome to buy it on the ThemeForest marketplace. Moreover, now this theme goes for only $19.

Despite all the mentioned above perks, for this price, you will also get comprehensive instructions and support from the technical team on how to customize a shop correctly.

So, if you plan to open an online drug store, have a look at Medijuana on your own. With it, you will launch an eCommerce site in several clicks.

Nancy is a founder of Onedesblog and a copywriter with over 8 years of experience. She loves creating showcases with beautiful graphics resources, photography, and cooking. You can read more about Nancy in About Me section or say hi on Twitter.