About Me

Hello! My name is Nancy Young. I am a copywriter, SEO specialist and marketer. I believe in the magic of written words to inspire and motivate. I’ve been working in content marketing for 12 years. I wrote articles for Hongkiat, Web Designer Depot, Photodoto, Onextrapixel, Digital Photography School and many others.

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I created Onedesblog as a blog to express my opinions and write about topics I like.

My team and I love creating showcases with beautiful graphics resources, photography, fonts, templates, package design, printed design, and other stuff.

We have created this blog to share our vision of beautiful design, branding, and photography.

We created this blog for people who share our interest in beautiful stuff. We will be happy to know that you find our articles useful, so don’t hesitate to start a chat in the comments or tweet us a message. 😉