50 Best Printable Calendars 2021 (Both Free and Premium)

People have been creating and using methods for keeping track of days and larger divisions of time since ancient times. Thus, if you are a fan of calendars like us, be proud and keep using them! As the end of 2020 approaches, many Graphic resource providers and individual designers have already created their unique, beautiful calendars that will help you organize your 2021 schedule! 

You can save your time and use the online calendar editor Canva which has a lot of easy-to-use predefined designs.

There is an enormous collection of wall and desk calendars online and a lot of personal work has been put on them by the designers. You can find a 2021 calendar at a good price and we tried to help you from that point of view, by creating a list of beautiful, reasonably priced calendars for you to choose from!

The calendars of the list could be placed at home or in the office not only for practical, note-keeping reasons but also to decorate your wall or desk, to make you laugh in some cases, or inspire you in some other.

Regardless of whether you are looking for family birthdays and anniversaries, planning your study time, setting personal goals, or tracking due dates, we created a list of calendars where you can find the one that not only does all that, but also matches your taste and character.

Premium Calendars 2021

2021 Calendar | Stand Calendar | Ring Calendar|Christmas Gift |2021 Planner

This cute desk calendar will not only keep you organized with monthly overviews of your tasks but also entertain you throughout the year with adventures of a girl and her dog. Available in four different colors.

2021 illustrated desk calendar 4 colors

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2021 Wall Calendar | Abstract Rainbow Monthly Calendar

You can decorate your office or kitchen with this abstract wall calendar. It suits both a minimalistic and a rustic interior. Mark important dates on the yearly overview page and jot down tasks in the monthly planner.

2021 wall calendar abstract rainbow

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2021 Cats in Art Wall Calendar

There is no such thing as too many cats or too much art. This calendar combines both in lovely remixes of some world famous paintings. Put it up on the wall and never miss an appointment.

cats calendar 2021 art

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2021 Tea Towel Calendar – Hannakin mushroom woodland decorative dish cloth

Apart from being a colorful, cute mushroom woodland-themed calendar for the upcoming year, this calendar is also a dishcloth and tea towel that will accompany your everyday occupations. Months and days are depicted with a playful font and are surrounded by ‘’mushroom-world’’ illustrations.

pre order 2021 tea towel calendar

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2021 Wall Calendar | Tropical Leaf Monthly Calendar | 2021 Illustrated Plant Calendar

A modern calendar that promises to make your wall more elegant with its minimalist, bohemian style tropical leaf illustrations. Each month contains a different tropical leaf design at the top and a grid for your notes and appointments below.

2021 wall calendar tropical leaf monthly

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Welsh calendar 2021 – illustrated by Valériane Leblond

Several hand-drawn illustrations by Valériane Leblond were used to create this 26-page, colorful Welsh calendar. Every month is depicted by an illustration that makes you feel like you are in Wales, it is written in Welsh and there is enough space for you to highlight your important dates.

welsh calendar 2021 illustrated by

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2021 Swimsuit Calendar Cute Animals Watercolor Funny Illustrated Wall Calendar

This not only cute but also hilarious calendar promises to keep you company throughout the year but also to make you laugh every 1st of the month. Each month contains a cute animal wearing its unique swimming suit followed by the month’s grid.

2021 swimsuit calendar cute animals

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A4 Illustrated 2021 Calendar – The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors is a 13 pages, beautifully illustrated calendar that depicts breathtaking landscapes on every page. Each month has a hand-drawn illustration of a beautiful place at the top, followed by a minimalist grid where you can keep notes for your day.

a4 illustrated 2021 calendar the great

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Illustrated 2021 Wall Calendar | A4 calendar

This handmade calendar, designed by CarmenSaldana, contains delightful, cute, and natural illustrations that cover the whole pages. The Months’ grids are carefully placed inside the illustrations and create a unique depiction on every page.

illustrated 2021 wall calendar a4 animals

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2021 Jungle Wall Calendar, Monthly Calendar, Illustrated 12 Month Calendar

This calendar features several vibrant, playful, and fun jungle designs on every page. A beautiful handmade illustration is designed separately for every month which is followed by a grid where you can add notes and reminders for your everyday tasks.

2021 jungle wall calendar monthly

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2021 Wall Calendar | Beautiful Women Monthly Calendar

Featuring an illustration of an abstract beautiful woman on each page, this wall calendar is for those seeking an artistic touch on their wall. Each illustration is beautifully placed over the minimalist but also spacious grid of the month.

2021 wall calendar beautiful women

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2021 Moon Calendar | Watercolor | Moon Phases | Moon Calendar 2021

This lovely wall calendar designed by Jess Waymouth contains 12 different hand-painted illustrations depicting the moon combined with crystals and natural elements. The inspiring illustrations are placed on the top of the pages, followed by a minimalist grid that includes the phases of the moon throughout every month.

2021 moon calendar watercolor moon 2021

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Monthly Calendar 2021 | 2021 Calendar Abstract

If you are an admirer of abstract art then this is the wall calendar for you. With original abstract illustrations on every page followed by dates in a grid format, this calendar is a modern piece of art for your wall.

monthly calendar 2021 abstract

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PRE ORDER 2021 Mathilde Cinq-Mars family Calendar | Large calendar with animal watercolor

Full of pencil and watercolor illustrations by Mathilde Cinq-Mars, this calendar could be characterized as a narrative of beautiful moments. Quebec animals are the leading actors of the illustrations that cover the whole page, followed by a beautiful grid for you to keep notes on.

2021 mathilde cinq mars family

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2021 Wall Calendar – Door to Door // Original Illustrated Wall Calendar

A total of 12 original, made with gouache paint illustrations construct this artistic calendar by Sarah Beth Hsieh. The thematology of the calendar concerns the love of the designer for front doors and when looking at the illustrations you feel like walking in a beautiful small city.

2021 wall calendar door to door original

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NEW 2021 Illustration Wall Calendar, A4 Calendar, 2021 Calendar, 2021 Minimal calendar burnt orange

A minimalist calendar featuring modern art illustrations that could be later cut out of the calendar and be used as a set of mini prints to decorate your wall. Each month has a unique illustration followed by a clear, minimalist grid for the dates.

new 2021 illustration wall calendar a4

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Botanical Watercolor Desk Calendar with Acrylic Stand

Vibrant Botanical watercolor designs surround the grid of every page, constructing a stunning small calendar for your desk. Resting on the offered acrylic stand, this calendar will constitute a discreet and elegant presence on your desk.

botanical watercolor desk calendar with

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For The Pun Of It 2021 Calendar – Fun illustrated calendar

Featuring irresistible animal illustrations, For the Pun Of It, wall calendar promises to be fun and educational but also a pleasing addition to your wall. An animal family like beavers is illustrated on the top of every month’s pages whilst another page is dedicated to the month’s dates with a spacious grid for you to keep notes on.

for the pun of it 2021 calendar fun animals

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CALENDRIER Mural 2021 – Flowers

A wall calendar full of colors, Calendrier Mural contains 12 different nature illustrations designed by Virginie Cognet. The drawings occupy most of each month’s page, leaving some space at the bottom, for the beautiful small grid and a separate section for your notes.

calendrier mural 2021 flowers

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CALENDAR TAXIDERMY DISASTERS 2021. Tragically Hilarious. Funny Wall Calendar for Animal Lovers

Smart and hilarious, featuring 12 taxidermy disasters this wall calendar is perfect for an unconventional gift that promises to make you laugh. The upper section of every month’s page has a photo of taxidermy gone wrong and the bottom of the page is occupied by a modern, black font calendar.

calendar taxidermy disasters 2021

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2021 Small Desk Calendar

This desk calendar could be characterized as small, elegant, and minimalist. Offering its aesthetic desk stand, this calendar may not offer a set of illustrations on its pages due to its size, yet every month’s name is hand-written and followed by a minimalist grid for the dates.

2020 september 2021 december small desk

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MINI 2021 Wall Calendar by Katie Daisy

Although this is a compact size calendar, it contains several lovely floral illustrations accompanied by inspiring quotes. It is designed by Amber Lotus Publishing and contains one illustration, a quote, and a beautifully made grid with some space for notes for each month.

mini 2021 wall calendar by katie daisy

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2021 Desk Calendar, Portal | Desk Calendar 2021 with Watercolor Washes

A beautiful minimalist desk calendar with a watercolor illustration at the top of every page followed by a beautiful grid for the dates of each month. The optional wood stand is nice-looking and frames the watercolor cards making this calendar an elegant decorative addition to your desk.

2021 desk calendar portal desk calendar

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Wall Calendar 2021,Monthly Planner

Molo Art Studio has created an artistic wall calendar with plenty of space for you to keep notes and reminders. Each month contains a full-page original abstract illustration that frames the spacious grid of the dates creating a harmonious set of drawings and text.

abstract wall calendar 2021monthly planner2021

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2021 Designer Patterns Large Desk Pad Monthly Calendar – 22×17 Desk Blotter

Twelve unique patterns have been designed for each month of this large desk calendar to make the pages’ background irresistible. As it concerns the foreground of each page, an elegant, large grid that occupies the whole page, has plenty of space for you to track your schedule, keep notes, etc.

2021 designer patterns large desk pad

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Wildflower Desk Calendar 2021 | 2021 Desk Calendar

Stunning illustrations of flowers and botanicals are united with cute grids for each month to create this desk calendar by Favorite Story. The optional wood stand makes the calendar even more appealing and the fact that it is printed on sturdy cardstock provides a natural feel to the calendar’s appearance.

wildflower desk calendar 2021 2021 desk

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Paris Calendar, A Year in Paris Calendar 2021, Emma in Paris calendar

This amazing wall calendar is made out of beautiful photographs taken by Rebbeca Plotnick in Paris depicting every season of the year. Every page contains a characteristic photo of the month at the top, followed by the name of the month and grid for the dates at the bottom.

paris calendar a year in paris calendar

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Calendar 2021 – Standing Desk Calendar by PaperPuffin

Paper Puffin Shop has created an adorable desk or wall (read description) calendar that illustrates mushroom cats, making it cute and funny at the same time. Each month contains a unique illustration of mushroom cats at the top of the page and an elegant grid at the bottom.

pokemon paperpuffin 2021 calendar

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2021 Mini Desk Calendar

Designed to sit and fit on a desk, this calendar contains twelve original illustrations combining animal drawings and geometric patterns. Prism of Starlings has made a great job on the layout of each page by framing the simple, elegant month grid with these unique illustrations.

2021 mini desk calendar abstract

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XL 2021 Monthly Calendar | Illustrated Wall Calendar 2021

This large wall calendar by Favorite Story, promises to be an elegant but also a practical addition to your wall. Hand-drawn wildflower illustrations frame the month’s name on the top of each page, followed by the dates in a spacious grid format which allows you to keep several notes and reminders.

xl 2021 monthly calendar illustrated

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2021 CALENDAR By Moonlight and Hares

Karen Davis has designed an inspiring calendar that promises to bring magic to your wall with its 12 unique atmospheric drawings. A beautiful, full of stars pattern covers both pages of each month which contain an illustration at the top and a spacious grid at the bottom.

2021 calendar by moonlight and hares

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Studio Inception 2021 Calendar of the National Parks

This wall calendar could be characterized as a piece of art. Stunning original illustrations of the US National Parks are placed for each month and as the grid keeps the color palette of the illustration, a harmonic environment on is created on every page.

studio inception 2021 calendar of the national parks usa

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2021 SNOOPY DESK CALENDAR | Desk Schedule

If you are a fan of Snoopy, then this hand-drawn desk calendar is certainly made for you. Each month contains a little Snoopy story, an adventure that occupies most of the page, followed by a small grid at the bottom and a bigger one at the back of the page for your notes.

2021 snoopy desk calendar desk schedule

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Abstract 2021 Mini Desk Calendar | Mini Desk Calendar 2021

Your desk can be beautifully decorated with this abstract small calendar that will take its seat on the specially designed wood stand. One beautiful abstract drawing has been designed for every page of the calendar followed by a minimalist grid for the dates.

abstract 2021 mini desk calendar mini

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2021 DESK CALENDAR | Illustrated Calendar | Desk Schedule | Vintage Calendar

Ideal for your kid’s desk, this unique calendar contains beautiful illustrations of cute animals that surround the month’s grid where there is enough space for quick notes. This calendar is really popular due to its playful and original fonts and drawings.

vintage desk calendar 2021

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2021 Wall Calendar Earthy Floral Celebrations

Start fresh in 2021 with this wall calendar which is full of hand-illustrated floral drawings at the top of each page. A coordinating monthly calendar has been added at the rest of the page, with enough space for little notes about your day.

2021 wall calendar earthy floral

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2021 Wall calendar/starter set: calendar paper incl. wall strip

Consisted of two different elements, the calendar paper that could be replaced every year and the “System 295” wall strip, this large wall calendar is a decorative addition for your wall that could accompany your everyday life for years.

2021 wall calendarstarter set calendar

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2021 Cally Jane Studio Wall Calendar

Cally Jane has designed a gorgeous wall calendar that contains a series of hand-drawn illustrations of a girl’s daily activities accompanied by smart and inspiring quotes and a beautiful calendar grid at the bottom of each page.

2021 cally jane studio wall calendar

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2021 Desk Calendar with Wood Stand | Mini Desk Calendar 2021

This cute, mini desk calendar depicts a collection of village buildings’ illustrations followed by a simple and elegant grid. The calendar sits on a wood stand that provides an even more natural look creating the perfect decoration for your desk.

2021 desk calendar with wood stand mini houses

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Calendar 2021 Calendar Print Large 2021 Large Office Calendar

An enormous calendar, fully adjustable on your taste, as Wall Buddy gives you the opportunity to choose from 7 different colors and more than 20 different sizes. This calendar could be part of your home’s decoration and is ideal for all rooms and spaces.

calendar 2021 calendar print large 2021

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Free Calendars 2021

Simple Calendar 2021 with Holidays

simple 2021 calendar wall

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Clear Printable Calendar 2021

clear 2021 calendar wall

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Blank Calendar 2021

printable yearly 2021 calendar clean design

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Colorful Calendar 2021 for Australia

2021 calendar template australia

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Red Calendar 2021

red 2021 calendar printable yearly free01

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Simple and Clear Calendar 2021

printable 2021 yearly calendar with week numbers aller 4

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Floral Calendar 2021

floral calendar 2021 free

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Comic Sans Calendar 2021

calendar to print 2021 free all months 2021 year calendar of calendar to print 2021 free all months 2

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Office Calendar 2021

2021 calendar printable one page free04

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Wall Home Calendar 2021

2021 printable calendar week numbers yearly brita 5

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What calendar 2021 is your favorite and why? Share with us in the comment field below. Have a great 2021 year!

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