Spotify Font: Circular Font (Free Download)

Spotify is a popular Swedish audio streaming service with over 381 million active monthly users. Spotify music app has a simple minimalist interface that is highly user-friendly.

Many music app users have already noticed a nice sans serif font used on Spotify logo and playlists. 

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What font does the Shopify logo use?

Spotify logo uses Circular font. 

Honestly, Circular is a tweaked version of the font Gotham. Laurenz Brunner created the font in 2013. Thanks to the simple and casual design, this typeface might look stunning on every design project.

Fun fact: Circular Std is the most popular font among website owners; that’s why many websites use it. The font goes in five weights: medium, book, bold, black, and italic.

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Spotify uses five different weights of Circular. 

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How to use Spotify font?

As I already mentioned, Spotify uses Circular font on their app. Circular is a minimalist geometric font with a unique look and feel. 

Thanks to its simplicity, Circular font is a perfect option for both web and print design. All the letters are solid and visible. That’s why it’s easy to read a text, even on a small screen. 

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Spotify font will be a perfect option for websites and user interfaces; that’s why you can use it for mobile app design. Moreover, Circular font will suit t-shirts, invitations, branding identity, business cards, headers, website templates, menus, logos, and more.

People also ask:

Below, you’ll find the most frequently asked questions about Spotify font.

Can you change the font on Spotify?

No, unfortunately, there is no option to change fonts on Spotify. That’s why you will not be able to customize Spotify UI and add your font there.

Spotify gets a lot of requests to add the ability to change the font on their interface, and maybe in the future, this feature will appear on the music app.

What is Spotify playlist font?

Spotify playlist font is Circular Std. Circular Std is an elegant, modern sans serif font suitable for UI of any kind. It’s versatile and readable.

circular spotify font

Is there a similar font to the Circular font?

Yes, Gotham is a similar sans serif font to Spotify font. Besides, among the free Spotify font alternatives is Lato, another popular minimalist font. 

Spotify font alternatives:

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