46 Free Groovy Vintage 70s Fonts

The 1970s are the golden era for vinyl records, Star Wars toys, and the first Apple computer. Hip Hop music also appeared in the late 70s. But, when it comes to 70s fonts, they were thick, creative, and outstanding. We remember signs and titles designed in bright yellow, pink, and blue about that time.

In today’s collection, we have combined the best free and premium 70s fonts that will help you to create impressive vintage designs. You can use these fonts for your branding, t-shirts, socks, business cards, brochures, flyers, posters, and websites.

Best 70s Fonts


Alba is a free font with a typical 70s curled design. It’s available in three weights: the one you see below is super Alba font with huge drop shadows.

alba 70s font

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Kool Beans Font

Looking for a free groovy font to add some retro flair to your designs? Check out Kool Beans Font! This vintage 70s font is perfect for creating fun and funky designs.

kool beans font

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Hubble Bubble Font

It’s super easy to use – just download and install the font, then start using it in your favorite design program. So what are you waiting for? Give Hubble Bubble Font a try today!

hubble bubble font

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Rullen 70s font

Introducing the Rullen 70s font! This retro-inspired font is perfect for giving your projects a groovy, vintage feel.


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Data 70 LET Font

Inspired by the electronic fonts of the 1970s, this font is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of retro style to their designs.

data 70 font

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Retro Party – Display Retro Font

With its bold, bubbly letters and funky variations, the Retro Party – Display Retro Font is sure to make a statement.

70s retro party font

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Rambors – Retro Font

Whether you’re using Rambors for headlines, branding, or just for fun, this font is sure to add personality and style to your work.

rambors retro font

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Pump Triline Font

So go ahead and give your projects a blast from the past with the Pump Triline Font.

tr pump triline

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UNI North Font

UNI North Font is the perfect way to add a touch of retro style to your projects. This groovy font was inspired by the vintage typography of the 1970s, and it’s perfect for creating headlines, logos, and other eye-catching designs.

uni north font

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Popsmile – Retro Pop Fonts

Popsmile – Retro Pop Fonts is the perfect way to add some groovy vintage 70s style to your projects! This fun and funky font features actual retro lettering from the 1970s, making it perfect for creating authentic-looking designs.

popsmile retro pop fonts

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Korinna Bold font

The unique letterforms of the Korinna Bold font give it a playful and fun feel, while the sharp edges give it a modern twist.

korinna bold font

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Free Bugaki font

Whether you’re looking to create a throwback design or something completely new, the Free Bugaki font is sure to make your project stand out from the crowd.

bugaki font

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Naskle – Groovy Retro font

Introducing the Naskle Font! This fun and groovy font is perfect for any project with a retro 70s vibe.

naskle groovy retro font

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With its playful curves and easy-to-read letters, the Barshake font is perfect for everything from invitations to headers and even product labels. Give your project a touch of vintage charm with this one-of-a-kind font!


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Free March font

Use free March font for everything from t-shirts and posters to website headers and social media graphics.

free march font 70s

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Retro Vibes. Quotable. Hand Drawn Font

With its bold, energetic feel, this retro vintage font is sure to add some serious style to your work!

retro vibes quotable hand drawn font

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Long Summer Font

Long Summer font is the perfect choice for all your groovy vintage 70s needs! This fun and funky font is perfect for any project that needs a little bit of retro flair.

long summer

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Nellie – Display Font

Whether you’re creating a vintage poster or making a cool new t-shirt design, Nellie is sure to add some fun and personality.

nellie display font

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And best of all, you can use this font for personal and commercial use! So start adding some retro flair to your projects today with Tan!

specimen moonlight 14

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The Beardy

This gorgeous bold font from the 70s is available with amazing swashes and ligatures. These small stylish details will make a statement and draw attention to your text.

the beardy 70s font

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Tangerine – Retro Font

Tangerine is a trendy retro typeface with a tropical feeling. It will look fabulous on both vintage ads and modern t-shirts.

tangerine retro font

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Summer 0f 76 – Multi-Line Font

Here is a beautiful nostalgic four-line font inspired by 70s aesthetics.

summer 0f 76 multi line font

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Glamour Absolute Modern/Vintage Font

Glamour is a new bold serif font with a retro design and modern details. In addition, the fonts go with a small bonus that is a noise texture for your vintage designs.

glamour absolute modernvintage font

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Psychedelic Bubble 70s Font

Here is a bubble letter style font with a 70s look and feel. It features uppercase, lower case, numbers, and punctuation.

psychedelic bubble 70s font

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Seventies (Regular)

The Seventies is an elegant, bold font that will help your design project stand out among the rest.


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Motter Tektura

This amazing font was created by Othmar Motter for Vorarlberger Graphik. It features rounded points with long straight lines.

motter 70s font

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Wicked Hearts Retro Serif

This is another vast serif font with retro classic style. It goes in 2 font styles: regular and italic.

wicked hearts font

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Bookman is an old-fashioned serif font available on Adobe Fonts. It can be used for both printed designs and display typography.


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Creative Vintage Font Duo

Creative Vintage is a serif font with retro charm and excellent scratches. In the pack, you’ll find three font styles that look perfect together.

creative vintage font 70s

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Recollet – Retro Bold Script Font

Recollet is a bold, elegant, classy 70s font created by StringLabs.

recollet retro bold script font

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Frito Vandito

This type is a throwback to the 1970s. It features a thick bold style and long letters that make it a perfect fit for headlines.

frito vandito

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Neue Kabel

Neue Kabel is a beautiful minimalist font designed by Marc Schütz. It features 18 styles, including light, regular, and bold.

neue 70s font

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Fonseca Grande ~ Font Duo

This amazing bold font from the 70s is available with amazing swashes. These small stylish details will make a statement and draw attention to your retro design.

70s font

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Caitlin is a free font from the 70s that you can download for free. Inspired by traditional advertising, this bold serif font is a great choice to make a statement.

cairlinn 70s font 1

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Vintage Dreams Modern Groovy Font

Are you looking for vintage brush font? Search no more. Vintage Dreams will be an excellent choice for all types of titles and signs.

vintage dreams modern groovy font

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Far Out! – A Groovy Typeface

Flower Children from the 70s inspired this font. It looks relaxed and straightforward, yet it will help you to make a statement.

far out 70s a groovy typeface

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Discomobile 1972

Discomobile 1972 is a bold free vintage font that is available for personal use only. You need to purchase a license if you want to use it for commercial projects.

discomobile 70s font

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RIVERSIDE | Retro Sans Serif

Riverside is a gorgeous retro font with outline and texture styles that will help you do creative design projects.

riverside retro sans serif

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Look at this awesome tri-linear stripe font! It seems like a Mexican font. However, you can combine colorful layers to get interesting retro effects.

mexcellent font

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Lovadelic + Extras

Here is a retro script font with an impressive style. This is a balloon font combined with script lettering from the 70s.

lovadelic extras

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Intro Offer 50% Blufy Font Family

Blufy font family goes with two styles, regular and oblique. You can use this bold font for titles, clothes, posters, postcards, business cards, cafe signs, brochures, flyers, and more.

intro offer 50 blufy font family

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Figuera Variable Font

Figuera is a nice retro font designed in the style of the movie “The Great Gatsby.” It goes in 16 different types that make it easier to combine them.

figuera variable fonts

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Popstone – Groovy Variable Font

Poptone is a groovy vintage type that will be suitable for fun and cheerful design projects. It comes with a set of icons that can be combined with the font.

the popstone groovy family

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Another font that reminds me of The Great Gatsby. It’s a custom sans serif font with a powerful look and feel.

billionaire display font 2

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Retrology – a retro monoline script

Here is a monoline font with scratches that add some retro feel to it.

retrology a retro monoline script

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Saturday Night Font Family

The 70s and 80s disco music inspired Saturday Night. As a result, it has a bold style that can be used for titles and signs.

saturday night font family

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of groovy designs font?

Groovy Designs is a font that was popular in the 1970s. It has a funky, retro look that is perfect for designs related to that era.

How to use 70s vintage fonts?

One way to use 70s vintage fonts is in digital designs, such as websites, flyers, and posters. You can also use them in print projects, such as menus, invitations, and thank-you cards. Just make sure your printer supports the type of font you’re using.


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