Brusher Font: Free Download

The name of this font can sound old school, but this is a beautiful and modern font. The typeface has over 100 symbols (glyphs) in it. The Brusher font has a bold appearance with polished edges and lines. Furthermore, the typeface consists of both uppercase and lowercases with punctuation marks. 

brusher font free download now

The typeface has a spellbound effect that scintillates your writing style. The Brush font was produced and crafted by Vlad Cristea (a Dutch Designer).

When implementing this font in your designs, you’ll be noticing a brush over your draft. The uneven look and uniqueness offer this font to the user with no price tag. The typeface has a good pair with sans serif fonts like Open sans and Montserrat. Not only glyphs but there are also great ways to express numbers and marks. 

Moreover, the typeface is not rudimentary like other fonts, but it has a more elegant and classing appearance.

The strokes are well-constructed and preferable for calligraphic logos. In addition, the font has a natural look when displayed on the screen, which is fascinating.

How to Use Brusher Font?

As we mentioned, Brusher font is more astounding if used in calligraphy. The font can be used for a lot of purposes. The Brusher font has a cartoonish style, so the designers also apply this font in cartooning. 

brusher font free

The font can be applied to your typography logos and is applicable for business cards, magazines, and movie posters. In addition, you can use this font on packaging and letterheads. 

Download Brusher font now:

The font would be splendid if you apply this in your branding designs. This will grab spectators’ attention. The font is usable in headlines, posters, stationery, printing projects, and T-Shirts; the strokes play a vital role. The significant part of this font is that it never gets old. The typeface has a gothic effect – a bold representation of your future designs and ideas. 

Is Brusher Font Free? 

The font is a gift from the designer. The font is free for commercial and personal purposes. So, it means that you can use it anywhere you like. The consumer must buy the license to use the font for commercial purposes in many other fonts. 

Most frequently Asked Questions

Who designed the Brusher font? 

Dutch graphic designer Vlad Cristea designed the Brusher font. The designer is actually from Romania, which has other famous fonts in his name. 

Can I use Brusher font for commercial purposes? 

Yes, the consumer can use this font for commercial and personal purposes. The font has no cost, and it is free to use for any project. 

What type of font is Brusher font? 

The Brush font has a stylish and unique outline with smooth edges. The typeface has a natural look and is a great way to make your designs frolicsome.

brusher cover

What are the best alternatives for Brusher font? 

There are some excellent Brusher font alternatives; let’s check them in our collection of brush fonts. There you’ll find the following alternatives – 

  1. Monera Calm
  2. Northwell
  3.  Good Brush


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