Bullet Journal Lettering: 18 Bullet Journal Fonts & Styles

Are you looking for a way to help you become more organized? Are you tired of heaps of sticky notes and half-used journals? If so, bullet journal systems might just turn your world around!

Take note-taking/list-making to a new level that is totally customizable and flexible. In this post, we share some of the coolest Bullet Journal Fonts to help you splice up your personal bullet journal!

How to Learn Bullet Journal Lettering?

So, you want to learn how to start Bullet Journal Lettering? The first thing to do is gather the necessary supplies. Please see more on this in the section below. Basically, all you really need to get started is a pen and a notebook, everything else is just extra.

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With that said and done, it’s time to create an index. Create an Index. An Index simply allows you to0 keep track of all of the pages you include in your bullet journal.

Bullet Journal Supplies

Various stationery items can be used for your bullet journal, ranging from markers, stickers, washi tape to watercolor paint.

What you decide to acquire and use for the purpose of Bullet Journaling is completely up to you, however, you don’t really need a lot of fancy things in order to write awesome and beautiful-looking hand-lettered headings. Create the most beautiful hand-lettered words using just a single black pen and a journal.

So, in addition to a single black pen and piece of paper, you may decide to additionally acquire some waterproof fine liners such as the Staedtler Pigment Liners.

These are a must if you intend to coloring over the top of your work, either with watercolor, brush pens, or felt pens.  Using a fine liner that isn’t waterproof will result in smudging.

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Then, there’s Gel Ink Pens. The ink of these pink is thick and opaque – hence, more vibrant than your standard ballpoint pen ink.  It does take a bit longer to dry, so you need to be patient and careful of smudging with this one.  Gel ink pens are available in many colors.  Why not try out the Muji Gel Ink 0.5 pens – they’re really cool!

You can also add Mild liners to your Bullet Journaling artillery. With one thick end, angled tip and the other end with a thin tip much like a standard felt tip pen – you can substitute these with any felt tip pens you have on hand.

You will also need a pencil, eraser and a circle Maker. The latter is a really cool tool that’s like a protractor and a compass all in one.  It’s great for drawing large circles and sectioning them off.  It can also be used as a stencil to draw small circles, so you can just substitute this for a stencil with small circles or a trace around a small coin.

18 Best Bullet Journal Fonts

Header & Title Fonts

Cursive handwriting can be used in a very elegant manner to create amazingly good-looking dividers. The Cursive Divider font is easy to do but can add a significant sense of style to your bullet journal.

header fonts bullet journal
image source: @nicolegracestudies

Basic Serif Font

Serif is probably the most popular font that you can see on any given computer screen today. Once you grab the grasp of it, it has the potential to look great in your bullet journal.

colorful fonts bullet journalImage source: @valeapuntes

Block fonts

Undoubtedly, one of the easiest fonts when doing Bullet Journal spreads is the Tall and Skinny style.

block fonts bullet journalImage source: artprojectsforkids.org

Cursive fonts

Even though Cursive fonts are slightly outdated according to some, they still look great alongside some of the bold fonts that are also on this list. If you want to keep things classic as opposed to modern, then classic cursive writing is the best bet.

weekdays bullet journalImage source: wellella.com

Date Headers

Uncial is a bit different from traditional cursive fonts in the way that the letters aren’t joined together as much as some other fonts’ letters are. If you’re looking for something simplistic and clean in essence, the uncial is an easy way to make bold statements without having too many lines in your writing.

date fonts bullet journalImage source: @nicolegracestudies

3D Title Fonts

3D lettering is really simple to do: Just add an outer outline from the right side of your cursive letters and see the magic happen before your very eyes!

3d title fontImage source: @themonsterofstationery

Rainbow Title Font

Rainbow letters is another great way to add a boost of colors to your bullet journal.

rainbow headers fonts bullet journalImage source: @andreasstudies

Skinny Caps

Skinny uppercase is perfect for headers and banners inside one’s bullet journal and also for making fun planner fonts such as monthly titles and calendar headers. Add a little detail, a box, or a banner, and there you go!

simple print fonts bullet journalImage source: diaryofajournalplanner.com

Faux Calligraphy

Having its origins back in the 1800’s, and created by Platt Rogers Spencer, this old-fashioned font provides the bullet journal writer with that authentic vintage look!

faux calligraphy fonts bullet journalImage source: @littlemissrose

Drop Shadow Lettering

Drop shadow is a special technique that can be used to make a simple handwriting font much more enticing.

drop shadow fonts bullet journalImage source: Lettering Da Bianca

Bold Colorful Header

Achieve the amazing Ombre font by writing in any chosen font. Then, create a gradient using various colors to achieve the Ombre effect.

bold colorful header bullet journalImage source: @ndyystudies

Detailed Floral Bullet Journal Font

The Floral bullet journal font can be used and modified in conjunction with either cursive or block letters.

floral fonts bullet journalfloral fonts bullet journalimage source: worldofprintables

Quirky Print

This style is said to give Bullet Journals some extra character. Basically, you write all letters with the same height.

title inspo fonts bullet journal

image source: @katies_bulletjournal

Beautiful Calligraphy Font

Another modern take on the handwriting font category is this dotted script style – which is something between real human handwriting and computer typing.

calligraphy font bullet

image source: @plslars

Half Block Font

Making fake 3-D letters can be really fun – and simple too. Consisting of a simple combination of print letters and blocks, the Faux Block Shaded font for bullet journaling is a real modern crowd pleaser!

half block fonts bullet journal

image source: diaryofajournalplanner.com


The Brush Script font for handwriting is one of the most popular of all the fonts mentioned in this list – and for some valid reasons, too! If you’re looking for that authentic hand-written look, Brush Script will serve you well with its lovely classic style.

uppercase bujo letters

image source: Casually Created

Bubble Letters Bullet Journal

You don’t need to keep it clean and straight, block letters can also be sassy and curvy! You can make either bubbles or balloons with this fun font by Camila Notes.

bubble pink and yellow bujo lettering

image source: Camila Notes

Modern Nordic font

The Freestyle Script font style is once again suitable to more modern looks in bullet journals. As a super fun font to work with, this one is different from traditional styles and is thus helpful to incorporate into a variety of writing endeavors. The Freestyle Script font style is known as one of the most beautiful bullet journal fonts because of its versatility of use.

fonts for bullet journals

image source: diaryofajournalplanner.com

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