Pirate of the Caribbean Font: Free Download

Pirate of the Caribbean a famous American series based on the concept of Walt Disney theme park. The typeface has a gothic style, which has similarities with Caribbean design, which Mseek designed.   

Moreover, the initial part of the series The Curse of the Black Pearl was released in 2003, and four more parts were released, respectively. Namely, Dead Man’s Chest, At World’s End, On Stranger Tides, and Dead Men Tell No Tales. The story spined around the 18th century. 

pirates of the caribbean font

The series features Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp featured as Captain Jack Sparrow. Furthermore, the series crossed over $4.524 billion in the BOX office and became the 14th highest-grossing film series. Not only films but there are also video games and movie books of Pirate of the Caribbean available in the market. 

In the next phase of our article, we’ll guide you on using this font and clear your doubts. Check out our collection of pirate fonts, I think you’ll love it!

Without further ado, let’s dive into it. 

What is Pirate of the Caribbean Font?

Pirate of the Caribbean Font is Pieces of Eight. You can download the font below.

How to use Pirate of the Caribbean Font? 

The typeface has purposes for your designs. The font hones your typographic designs, packaging, stationery, and T-shirts.

Moreover, Pirate of the Caribbean is a series of movies, so the font would be suitable for movie logos, magazines, and book covers. Download Pieces of Eight font now:

The font contains some special characters, unlike another typeface, with lower & upper cases and numbers. It comes with enthralling 161 glyphs and 655 defined characters. It is enough to make you write exquisitely.

You can’t use this typeface in Google docs, as they don’t allow the user to import fonts. However, the font is usable in photoshop for fabulous typographic designs and logos. The typeface is available for your circuit and Silhouette projects. 


Moreover, the Pirate of the Caribbean font is fitted for all Adobe software, namely Illustrator, Premium Pro, Photoshop, and InDesign. This means you can add extra spice and spruce up your designs much better. 

In addition, you can implement this font on your business cards, products, and for several other purposes.

Is Pirate of the Caribbean font free? 

The author has doesn’t allow the user to use this font for commercial uses without the license. However, it is entirely free for personal use.

You can apply this font in your work, which doesn’t profit you. But for commercial services, you must purchase this from the authorized person of the font. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions 

Who has designed the Pirate of the Caribbean font? 

Mseek designed the typeface. Moreover, the font used in the Pirate of the Caribbean logo was Eight font, Steve Ferrera designed it. 

253 2530087 pirates of the caribbean logo png transparent png

Can I use the Pirate of the Caribbean font for Commercial uses? 

Nope. You can’t use this typeface for commercial uses. However, you can only implement this font for personal use. Onedesblog team was trying to contact the creator of the font and ask for a direct link where people could purchase the font for commercial use, but we still got no reply.

Download the font of Pirate of the Caribbean for personal use now:

What type of Pirate of the Caribbean font is it? 

The font is gothic type, which has similarities with Caribbean regular. 

What are the best alternatives for Pirate of the Caribbean font? 

Let’s check the best competitors for this typeface. Here are they! 

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  • Modern Pirates
  • The hands of the Deaf
  • Caribbean Regular

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