Services with free virtual numbers from Finland

SMS online services offer APIs that help companies and private users to get registered on a variety of online services, social media, and apps like Facebook, Twitter, or Telegram.

SMS gateway service allows the computer system to receive SMS messages like an online SIM card. This mechanism allows users to avoid using physical SIM cards to receive text messages via virtual phone numbers.

1. OnlineSIM

The service offers an option to receive private SMS online via a virtual number. You can select a number from lots of companies, like Finland, Sweden, or the USA.

Unlike other websites that make you wait for up to 5-10 minutes, OnlineSIM displays them instantly. You can register via a free disposable phone number or use the rent number option, which will help you to receive an unlimited number of text messages for an unlimited time.

That’s an opportunity for you to receive a virtual number for receiving sms.

2. allows you to bypass the verification process on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. It’s also applied to instant messaging platforms like Telegram, WhatsApp, and other online services including LinkedIn, Uber, and eBay.

The company offers fake numbers to pass the registration. The country of origin of these virtual numbers is the USA, the UK, and some other European countries.

3. is a website that generates SMS online via a disposable or a temporary number. A disposable phone number acts like a sort of VoIP service, which you can use for a limited time. This thing allows a user to protect his privacy.

You just need to select a phone number and register on the website in question.

According to the Freephonenum website, it displays SMS messages immediately. And they have a trusted source of VoIP providers, which guarantees instant message delivery.

4. allows its users to get text messages anonymously and fast, without a mobile phone. It’s a free web app that accepts codes in text messages via its list of virtual phone numbers. It also provides real SIM cards besides virtual ones.

According to the website, users can verify on any web service using a fake number. Among other apps and social media platforms, it allows accepting messages from Telegram, WeChat, and Baidu.

5. Sms-Online.Co

You can receive SMS via the account on this website. It’s a free service that makes it possible to receive text messages online. You don’t have to register or use your personal phone number, since you can get a virtual number from the offered list of numbers.

This system guarantees its users that they will pass the registration by receiving online texts from such web services as Telegram, WeChat, or Facebook.

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