Gotham Font: Free Download

This font is not as standard as you think because the typeface was used in Obama’s campaign in 2008 for posters and several other uses; it shows that Gotham font is not being used locally but traditionally. The typography has many contributions to your designs and gives a direct response.


Moreover, Gotham Font was used for the presidential campaign of Obama and the Michigan University promotion branding and the Australian Labor party- the campaign of the 2016 federal election.

The Gotham font has a thickness in its letters and a wide appearance. Like the Horizon font, it also belongs to the sans-serif family. The reasons are mentioned above why this typeface is unique and popular among designers. 

The Gotham font is not the newest but an old font. The font was released at the start of the 20th century. The typeface has been able to reach the Hollywood industry after being used to make trailers. 

Gotham font has the following variations in its category: – 

  • Gotham Rounded. 
  • Gotham Bold. 
  • Gotham Narrow and X narrow. 
  • Gotham Condensed. 

How to Use Gotham Font 

As we mentioned above, the Gotham font wasn’t that famous until the presidential set up by Obama. The usage of Gotham font has taken its pace to the other level. The style of this typeface is sans-serif. Moreover, the letters have geometrical classification. 

The Gotham font is from ancient times. It is much like the 1920’s font Futura, a sans-serif. The designer of Gotham has created this font from the architectural buildings and getting inspired by them. 

The Gotham is mainly used in magazine designs, logos, headlines, posters, and many more usages. Due to its fame, the typeface was used in the famous men’s GQ magazine. Also, on the sign of the Port Authority bus terminal -Manhattan, New York City. There are different types of Gotham font available like Gotham Thin Italic, Gotham Book, and Gotham Extra broad italic. 

Gotham Blog Hero

Besides, Gotham font was used in the old Netflix logo.

In addition, there is a Gotham font generator also available on the internet. You can use those to generate logos or any design without downloading the font in your system. 

Is Gotham Font Free? 

You can have access to this sans-serif typeface for personal use only. However, if you want to use Gotham font for commercial projects, you should buy the license from the official resource

You must buy it from the author to access more varieties and types of Gotham Font to access. The primary purpose of purchasing the license is to make the usage proper and legal. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Who designed the Gotham Font? 

The Gotham typeface originated from America; Hoefler and Frere-Jones created it. 

Can I use Gotham font for commercial use? 

Yes, but you need to buy a commercial license here. You can use Gotham font downloaded here only for personal projects.

What type of font is Gotham font? 

The designers had implemented the idea from the older architectural structures. It belongs to the sans serif family and has more varieties mentioned above. 

What are fonts similar to Gotham Font? 

There are other fonts that you can use instead of Gotham font. Let’s check them out. 

  1. Montserrat Font
  2. Raleway
  3. Pier sans 
  4. Nexa

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