Nexa font: Free Download

Nexa’s modern and friendly looks make it the next best font to use in graphic design projects and more. The Nexa font is available in eight styles with corresponding italics. Its symmetrical and rectangular appearances mainly characterize it. 

Moreover, the Nexa font is the next go-to font for designers and marketing enthusiasts of the 21st century. To find out more about this great font, read on!

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What is Nexa Font?

The Nexa font family contains three foundational versions. These are italics, obliques, and uprights. Additionally, each of these has eight different weights.

With that said, the visual richness of this font makes it an ideal serif font family for use on the web in various and diverse efforts. 

LicensePersonal & Commercial Use
Item TypeFree
FormatTTF, OTF
Total Files1

There is also a version coined Nexa Slab. Nexa Slab is a geometric slab serif font of which the design is based on the popular font under discussion here: Nexa.

How to use Nexa font?

Nexa font can be used to create the best-looking digital graphic designs, prints, logos, and branding. In addition, the accuracy and balanced typeface of the Nexa font family makes it suitable for use in/as both headlines and texts. 

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Nexa’s modern and friendly looks are widely applicable. You can use it for graphic design on the web, print, motion graphics, t-shirts, or other items such as posters and logos.

Moreover, it is known that Nexa is most suitable for headlines of all sizes. This font is also great for text blocks with maximum and minimum variations for the user’s pure convenience.

Is Nexa font free?

The answer to the question at hand is: Affirmative! Actually, there are four different types of Nexa fonts that are primarily available to download for free. These are called Nexa Bold Font, Nexa Light Font, Nexa Text Bold, Nexa Text Light. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Who made the Nexa font?

Nexa is reportedly a geometric sans-serif typeface designed by Svetoslav Simov. Nexa was initially published through Bulgarian foundry Fontfabric in 2012. The design features pretty wide letterforms with a few distinctive characters, such as the lowercase g and uppercase J with a bar on top.

Is Nexa a Serif font?

The Nexa font family is defined as a sans serif for use in web and print design. It’s a modern sans serif family addition, indeed.

Can I use Nexa Font for commercial use?

The Nexa font is free for your personal use – in addition to commercial purposes. You may freely use this font as you wish in your graphically-oriented projects.

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What type of font is Nexa?

Nexa font can moreover be defined as a very clean and professional sans serif typeface with a modern look. At the same time, the design features relatively wide letterforms with a few distinctive characters. 

There are strange and bold new characters such as the lowercase g and uppercase J with a bar on top. This style is also said to be reminiscent of a font coined Neuzeit.

What are the best alternatives for the Nexa font?

As per proper research, the most similar-looking font to Nexa available in Google Fonts is Poppins. Poppins reportedly does an excellent job matching close to 95% of the letters used to compile the Nexa font.

Other similar fonts include Raisonne and Campton.

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