45 Creative Graphic Designer Resume Examples & Templates

Job hunting in the 21st century can be tasking and competitive. Regrettably, a good number of persons never manage to make it through the first stage. This can be attributed to the poor presentation of their resumes.

As the saying goes – the first impression matters a lot, and your resume happens to be your first professional profile/impression to recruiters. So it is imperative that you present a well-structured CV/Resume.

Thankfully, there are a good number of well-designed resume templates that can easily be edited to suit personal requirements and tastes. But you can save your time and use online resume builder Canva which has a lot of easy-to-use predefined assets. Take a look at similar articles:

Let us take a look at some of these creative graphic designer resume templates and ideas.

Graphic Designer Resume Templates

Below you’ll find the best graphic designer resume templates that you can download and customize as you like.

Word Resume & Cover Letter

This template allows you to effectively communicate your professional profile/prowess in the simplest way possible. Its plain background makes it formal and mature; not everyone likes colors and extreme graphics.

emma resume microsoft word

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Resume Template 3 Page | CV Template

A top-notch CV template, it is applicable for managers and individuals seeking to attain higher professional positions.

marketing resume template 3 page cv template

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UX Designer Resume/CV

This is a modern and proficient CV template. It is the type of resume I will encourage anyone seeking a professional job to present.

resumecv ux designer

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Infographic Resume/CV for graphic designer

If your intention is to make a long-lasting impression in the minds of your recruiters, then this template is a must-have.

info graphic resumecv

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Visual Designer Resume

This is a highly versatile template that can easily be edited to suit any job requirement.

visual designer resume

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Resume|CV Template 2 Pages

This is a most refined, practical and seasoned template. I have no doubt that it will scale through any ATS evaluation in flying colors.

minimalist designer resume

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Designer Professional Resume CV 4 Pages

This PRO template is the best solution to adopt in updating your outdated resume. It is ingenious, upscale and professional.

4 pages professional resume cv

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Clean Modern Resume CV

This single-page resume/ cover letter and business card template is one of it’s kind. It is well-ordered and easy to customize. With little adjustments, anyone can own it.

resumecv clean modern design graphic

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UX Designer Resume

The highlights of this resume template are its versatility and compatibility with various applications such as adobe illustrator, photoshop, Ms. Word, etc; making it easy to customize color and font type/style.

ux designer resume

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Fashion designer Resume

This is an adequate resume for anyone seeking a career in the fashion industry. Although, it can also be used for other purposes. It has a neat appearance that will impress any recruiter at first glance.

fashion designer resume

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Clean Graphic Designer Art Director Resume

This resume template is well-layered, user-friendly and easily editable. It is in portrait form and was designed on a US letter paper.

clean graphic designer art director resume

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CV Resume Template

A most creative and professional-looking resume. With a well-designed layout that can be customized to suit any purpose.

minimal clean designer resume portfolio

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CV Red Resume Designer

cv red resume designer

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CV Assembly Resume Designer

cv assembly resume designer

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Yellow and Black Graphic Design Resume

indesign word resume graphic designer

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Graphic Designer Resume Ideas

Graphic Designer Resume Mockup

Scrutinizing a resume can sometimes be boring due to the extreme formality adopted by most writers, especially in cases where it isn’t necessary. This particular template is a deviation from the traditional concept. Every reader’s interest will be stirred at first glance.

graphic designer resume mockup example

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CV by Samira Rodríguez

This is a definition of simplicity, uniqueness, and professionalism. From the color schemes, writing pattern to the graphic detailing.

digital designer resume

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Designer Skills by Olia Gozha

This template has an attractive background. It is also simple, straight forward and well-organized.

designer skills

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RESUME | CV with illustrations

This is the perfect resume for anyone seeking a career in architecture and design. It has a good structure and it is easy to customize.

illustration resume for designer

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Rachel Alvarenga / Self branding

This template is on a whole new level. Every recruiter will be captivated by how articulate and organized it is.

resume sample rachel alvarenga self branding

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Self Promotion – ID Resume for illustrator artist

This resume simultaneously speaks formality and informality in a most admirable blend. The colorful graphics improve readability while also effectively passing out a detailed profile.

colorful resume illustrator

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Graphic designer resume in anime style

This is a good multi-purpose resume template. It will be suitable for almost any job application.

anime resume sample

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Creative CV 2020

This template provides a platform for you to showcase your graphic designing skills.

motion graphic designer resume

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Updated Résumé by Sofia Ayuso

A top-notch resume template that speaks uniqueness and creativity. It is suitable for a variety of purposes.

updated r sume designer

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My New Resume / CV / Self Branding by Faizan Bhatti

Anyone with eyes for detailing will appreciate how comprehensive this template is. The background, font size, colors and structure are all on point.

modern resume cv

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Colorful Brush Strokes Resume Template

This resume was designed to specifically meet and surpass ATS standard.

light colorful brush strokes creative resume

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My Resume – Personal Branding Design

This resume proves that a resume can be informal and yet sophisticated. It is creative, captivating and fun-filled. The combination of colors and various icons makes it stand out. Quality information can be passed out with few words and more illustrations.

designer personal branding

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Self-Portfolio: Ordinary Man. Life.

This is a bespoke and versatile portfolio resume template. It has a nice layout and will accommodate an extensive profile.

self portfolio ordinary man life

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Resumé mockup for Luisa Vidales Reina

Sometimes, less is more; and this template proves that beyond any doubt.

female pink cv mockup

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2020 Resume by Meghan Wallace

The peculiar header design brings this template to life. Although it is nothing too different from regular resume templates, its versatility complements what it lacks in creativity.

new modern resume example

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Freelance Graphic Designer Resume Illustration

This template comprises of one simple graphic picture. It is quite restricting and may only be suitable for graphic designers.

resume illustrator

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My CVJasmine Yeow

You can never go wrong with a blue and yellow color combo; the colors are awesome. It is a two page resume and it contains all necessary information.

blue yellow resume

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My resume and business card design

This resume/business card template will be suitable for an individual seeking a career in the fashion industry or a less formal environment. It screams beauty, imagination, and clarity.

cartoon resume designer

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Portfolio & Resume Mail

The yellow color used in this design is quite stunning. The template comprises a good number of pages, so you have the opportunity to write as much as you desire. It is more suitable for a curriculum vitae (CV).

portfolio resume mail

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Personal Identity | Self branding

Beautiful animations, perfectly matched colors and a touch of deeply embedded personality are the best ways to describe this template. The font style and size are polished and modern looking.

cv resume front back

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Currículo – Matheus Abreu

If you want to write a resume in Portuguese, this should be your go-to template. It contains all the attributes of a traditional resume.

curriculo matheus abreu

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Storytelling Resume Timeline

The designer of this template obviously put in a lot of work. It is expansive and well ordered.

storytelling resume timeline

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Creative Russian Resume

There is no better way to give life to any written document than adding pictures and illustrations; and this is the attribute that makes this particular template exceptional. It is also extensive and appropriately structured.

russian resume designer

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Resume by Mechi Barrón

Nice personal portfolio and branding concept. It comprises of just one page that contains all required data.

cute resume design

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Resume – Bridget Cunningham

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’ll rate this template a 50. The designer sure didn’t spare anything on it. Creative, beautiful and properly arranged.

resume bridget cunningham

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Free Resume CV Messenger

This template is similar to the regular traditional CV. It contains all the necessary headings and descriptions.

facebook messenger free resume cv messenger

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Nice Orange Resume Idea

You can’t help but love this beautiful orange-themed resume template. The designer carefully encompassed all required details into a single-page resume. It will be adviceable to present this resume for less formal applications.

resume carol davila

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Personal Resume / CV / Personal Letter

This is a playful and fun-themed resume. A major advantage of this template is that it effectively passes out its intended message while keeping things less serious.

personal resume cv personal letter

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Clean minimalist graphic design resume

What I appreciate most about this CV is how clean, modern and well-finished it looks. It is one of those resumes you simply can’t fault.

clean minimalist graphic design resume

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