Marvel Font: Free Download

Who doesn’t like Marvel fantasy movies, like Capitan America, X-Men, and Spider-Man? Marvel is American entertainment and media company that is a giant in the comic industry. Their parent company Marvel Entertainment is owned by Disney Company based in New York. 


Fun fact: Many people think that Superman is a hero from Marvel. Superman is part of the DС Universe, another large comic company DС Comics. However, Deadpool is a fictional character from Marvel comic books.

What is the font for Marvel?

Marvel font is Benton Sans Compressed Black.

LicenseFree for Personal Use
Font TypeTTF / OTF
Total Files1

Marvel font is licensed as Demo, which means you can download it, but use it only for personal purposes. If you want to use this font for commercial goals, you need to contact the company FontBureau.

Marvel logo used a customized version of the font Benton Sans Compressed Black. Tobias Frere-Jones designed the font in 1995. Later, Cyrus Highsmith expanded it. 

marvel logo 1

The font is based on Benton News Gothic typeface created by Morris Fuller. He designed it for Martha Stewart Living Magazine. After that, Font Bureau released it by the name News Gothic. 

The logo of Marvel comics uses the font Benton Sans Compressed Black in white on a red background.

How to Use Marvel Font?

You can use Marvel font in many different ways, such as logos, titles, magazines, and more. In addition, Marvel font is a bold sans serif all-caps type that is perfect for a headline. 

You can easily combine sans serif fonts like Marvel with beautiful calligraphy or serif fonts on your designs. This font will help your name to stand out on a business card or branding identity.

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