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Imagine the following scenario. You are a computer hacker. One morning, you find yourself waking up strangely. You realize things are not as they seem. Suddenly, it’s revealed to you that you are ‘the one who is supposed to save humanity! 

That’s right. You are the chosen one to save the human race from an evil force…You are given two options: Do you take the blue pill, or do you take the red pill? The choice is yours – and the choice is pretty easy. 

M4 main

If you want to use the unmistakable computer-based, digitally inspired type-like font used in The Matrix’s famous movie, do read on!

What is Matrix Font?

In case you missed it in the light of new millennium celebrations, The Matrix is a 1999 science-fiction film that focuses on the story of Neo. Neo is a computer programmer who is catapulted into a parallel universe.

Neo’s purpose is to lead the rebellion movement against the machines that now dominate the known world.

Font nameMiltown Font (Matrix font)
LicenseFreeware, Non-Commercial
File typeTTF

The complete film series includes The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, and The Matrix Revolutions. The font used for the main film title and marketing wording for the movies is very similar to Miltown’s font. 

Miltown font was created by a contributor called Apostrophe. You can now download and use this Matrix font in stunning futuristic/modern-themed projects for free!

About Matric Font

Regarding the Matrix fonts, there are two distinct fonts in question. As an interesting fact, it is known that the font that the actors’ names are written on the original Matrix poster is called OCR-A. This original typeface was designed to be read by computers back in the 1960s.

matrix font

The OCR-A font is defined as a unique monospaced glitch font where all the characters are the same width. With that said, OCR-A’s closest working version for a usable font today goes by the name of Miltown. 

Interestingly enough, the Miltown font is based on the M, A, T, R, I, and X letters of The Matrix movie title. Shown on posters and advertisements worldwide, this font is truly unmistakable.

Usage of Matrix Font

The Miltown version of the Matrix Font is the one to use to boost any marketing endeavor. Use the Matrix or Miltown font to create the best and most captivating outreach efforts.

Download Matrix font now!

Whether it’s used in TV, online and offline – this font is sure to turn heads. You can use this digitally-inspired font to win more clients and sell more of your products, too.

In Conclusion

Opting for the Matrix or Miltown font can hardly disappoint its user. Whether for creating captivating designs or advertisements, the Matrix font is available to download for free. 

Create modern, 21st-century VHS computer vibes with this futuristic-looking font. Be the ONE to download the Matrix font today, for free. May the force of the Matrix be with you all!

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