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Whoever is alive today and did not grow up with Disney cartoons or movies must indeed be living in a cave somewhere obscure! The ever-famous and perhaps most loved brand globally, Disney, is the forerunner of the Waltograph font – which derives itself from the official Disney logo.

disney font

Download awesome Disney font today and use it freely in visual marketing presentations of note! But first, here’s some interesting background info on the Disney font.

What is Disney Font?

Disney Font, also known as Waltograph – is a freeware typeface font based on the actual lettering used in the Walt Disney logo. The logo, of course, is again based on Walt Disney’s actual handwriting. 

Download Disney font now for free!

In other words, although the Waltograph font is not based on the actual handwriting of Walt Disney, it can be better defined as a stylized version of his autograph, extrapolated from the logotype of the Walt Disney Company.

About Disney Font

Disney font was released in the year 2000, then it was known as the Walt Disney Script. The font has been adjusted in the meantime – to what we now know as the Waltograph or Disney font. 

Although this font is not officially affiliated with the Walt Disney Company, it is trendy publicly, as the closest thing to the real Disney font we will have access to. 


With that said, we can be sure of this much: Mickey Mouse himself must be using the Waltograph font to write his memoirs! Much like the informal font Comic Sans, Waltograph gets very popular among many audiences across the globe.

As an interesting fact, the Waltograph font contains 231 defined characters and 136 unique glyphs. This font moreover consists of the following Unicode character ranges: Basic Latin (93), Latin-1 Supplement (96), Latin Extended-A (8), Latin Extended-B (1), Spacing Modifier Letters (2), Greek and Coptic (1), General Punctuation (15), Currency Symbols (1), Letterlike Symbols (1), Mathematical Operators (1), and Private Use Area (11)

There are two versions of the Waltograph: Waltograph 42 and the Waltograph UI. Where the former is a regular font with uppercase and lowercase letters Waltograph UI, is a unicase font generally intended for use on computer screens. 

Usage of Disney Font

There are different versions of the Waltograph or Disney font, where the UI version makes for a novel Windows title bar font. Moreover, drawing inspiration from various Disney logos, signage, and hand-titled artwork, Waltograph authentically captures the spirit of the popular Walt Disney logotype.

You can use Disney font to enhance any existing graphic design project. 

Use the fantastic Disney font to make your marketing efforts more visually appealing, starting today! Then, apply this font in online and offline efforts – and watch the magic happen with some authentic Walt Disney vibes in your creations. Let the freedom of the pen reign with this magical font.


The Disney font is fun and playful to work with – and can be used in endless eye-catching designs. Everybody loves Disney, so your design is sure to withstand the test of time. Download it now for free to give your creativity new horizons – and attract more interested clients in your particular product today!

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