Harley-Davidson Font: Free Download

Back in the 19th Century when Harley-Davidson came into being as a company. The logo or the font used gained immense popularity. The font style of Harley-Davidson is produced by Jackman and was further released in the market by Red Rooster.

What is Harley-Davidson Font?

The font Block Gothic RR Bold ExtraCond was used as the real font used in the bike’s logo that further carries many similarities with the now Harley-Davidson Font. 

The main feature of Harley Davidson font is clarity, the style use is simply clear and understandable and at the same time impactful.

Harley Davidson font belongs to the sans-serif font family and further has more than one hundred plus international language support. The Harley-Davidson font provides the user with a set of- punctuation marks, lowercase, uppercase, lowercase, and currency symbols.

Hence, the creator gets a plethora of options to choose from for styling their work or making logos. The variety that Harley-Davidson font provides allows the creator to make super cool and dazzling designs with effectiveness and rapidly.

Usage of Harley-Davidson font

At Harley Davidson font the user is provided with a modest typeface for free of cost and the user can simply access it by clicking the download button.

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However, the typeface is available for free usage only for personal use. For commercial purposes and other such undertakings, the user has to avail of the premium version of it i.e they have to purchase a permit from the Letraset Font Foundry.

The users who are further buying the license will be able to comprehensively use the Harley-Davidson fonts for various uses. They could use stylish fonts for making- logo designs, product packing, graphic designs, shirt prints, book layouts, fabric printing, and others.

The Harley-Davidson can also be used for creating birthday card designs or business cards or even invitation cards.

However, all the fonts that are available in the Harley-Davidson font group are not available for free. For example, the “Compacta” font can not be available for free by the user. There are other varieties of fonts such as pop music, cars, and apparel that can be further used by the users for creating exciting styles.

The styling can also be used to create CD designs, movie posters, album covers, and more. The Harley- Davidson font type has been used in the poster making or- Team Fortress 2, Burnout Paradise, Borderlands, Gazprom, Spies in Disguise, Harry’s Law, The Fugitive, The Last of Us, The Newton Boys,  Pillowtalk (Zayn), The Infamous (Mobb Deep), Band of Brothers, Hell’s Highway, Singles Going Steady and, The Usual Suspects.


Moreover, Harley-Davidson fonts can also be downloaded in multiple versions. The user can also get access to the free alternatives of Harley-Davidson font namely- Dot Matrix font, Belanda, Kitten, Majorelle, Orchid Key, Poppy Flowers, Bakerie, Meltow, and Delphian.

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Furthermore, by using the Harley Davidson font Generator the user can further access develop various styles using Harley-Davidson font. The tool can also be used to henceforth deal with any browser compatibility issues. Hence, the Harley-Davidson font is an all-time favorite to design and create styles.

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