15 Free Insanity Calendars & How to Use Them

From the name, you might get confused, but we are going to clear the air as to what it is as well as how you can use it. The insanity calendar is a thrilling 60-days at home body workout program.

The workouts on the intensity calendar last between 30 minutes to an hour and are performed six days of the week.

The word insanity used when defining this calendar is based on the fact that this training is a maximum interval training that would cover core training, intervals of strength, power, and resistance, as well as cardio and plyometric drills. One major factor when it comes to insanity workouts is that it is a total body workout that requires no equipment or gym.

To further enlighten you on the topic of the insanity calendar, we are going to be answering some of the basic questions with regards to this topic and convincingly help you discern how much it can do for you.

15 Free Insanity Calendars to Download

Sky Insanity Calendar for 30 Days

insanity workout calendar onedesblog sky


Pink & Golden Insanity Calendar for 30 Days

insanity workout calendar onedesblog pink


Yellow Insanity Monthly Calendar

yellow insanity calendar month


Black Diamond Insanity Monthly Calendar

black diamond insanity month 1


Pink Insanity Calendar from Onedesblog

insanity workout calendar onedesblog pink 1


Cute Insanity Monthly Calendar

pretty pink insanity calendar


Les Mills Insanity Hybrid

les mills insanity hybrid


Simple Insanity Calendar

insanity workout deluxe calendar simple


Insanity Asylum Calendar

insanity asylum


Black & White Insanity Calendar for 30 Days

insanity workout calendar onedesblog black


Grey Insanity Monthly Calendar

diamond insanity month 1


Black Insanity Monthly Calendar

black white insanity month 1


Green Insanity Monthly Calendar

field insanity month 1


Brick Insanity Monthly Calendar

brick insanity month 1


Minimalist Simple Insanity Monthly Calendar

insanity calendar schedule black white


People also ask:

How long does it take to see results from insanity?

The term result is dependent on the individual, and we would say that your reason for getting into the program would determine the time with which you would get results. For those who want to lose weight, two weeks would be the appropriate time, but for those seeking bigger results than the 60 days period and more would highly be the right answer to this question.

Is insanity workout good for weight loss?

Absolutely. For the mere fact that your weight is used as the major equipment for the exercise, it is well equipped for weight loss. This is because you need to be able to carry your weight, and for an exercise that uses just that, then it is termed to be healthy for weight loss.

What is the schedule for insanity workout?

The usual schedule for insanity workouts is 60 days or nine weeks, where within that period, you would begin to see results, depending on your intensity as well as your reason for taking up the insanity workout in the first place.

How long is insanity pure cardio?

Insanity pure cardio is a hard program with intense workouts, and with the intensity of this program, there is a need for simplicity and lots of breaks. The average workout length of the pure cardio workout is 38 minutes and 16 seconds. It might look small, but the truth is that with the intensity, you cannot afford to go too far.

Will insanity give me abs?

Absolutely. With all of the cardio and other routines are done on a daily basis, it is almost certain that with the right commitment, all of your abdominal tissues are bound to disappear, giving you the abs and six packs you so desire. 

This is mainly due to the fact that virtually all workouts target your core in one way or the other, giving your abs the hardest workout there is.

Is insanity a HIIT?

For some insanity workouts like max 30, there is no period where you take a break, and when you begin the exercise, you do it for as long as you can. Your progress is tracked by logging your max out time for each session. This makes the original insanity workout more like the traditional HIIT program.

Why am I not losing weight doing insanity?

 A major reason why you might not be losing as much weight as you want or any weight, in particular, is that you are either not performing the movements correctly or when performing it; you are not doing it with enough intensity as you ought to.

With the right intensity and technique, you would lose as much weight as you ought to.

Does insanity really burn 1000 calories?

For many people, the norm is that insanity burns up to 1000 calories, and when most people take that into consideration and eventually fall short, they beat themselves up.

For many people, they record from 300 to 500 calories loss, which makes it somewhat a variable rather than a steady figure. For you to get a clear picture of the calories you are consuming, you could get a heart rate monitor.

Can I do insanity if I am overweight

Yes, you can. You can perform insanity workouts as you want. There is nothing stopping you from performing this workout; it is just that you have to go at it at a slower pace than others. If you do more than you can, you will end up ditching the plan.

How much weight can I lose in a month with insanity?

If you are consuming the right thing, like low fat, moderate carbs, high protein, and fiber while doing insanity workouts, you can lose about 10-12 lbs of body fat every month.

How much weight can you lose with insanity max 30?

This question has an answer but not a definite one because, based on our research and the testimonies that have come, there are numerous answers to this question.

What this means is that weight loss achieved depends on your commitment as well as the intensity with which you follow the insanity workout routine.

How many calories does insanity max 30 burn?

The idea for the max 30 workouts is to increase your aerobic fitness. Max 30 interval training has you work as hard as you can for three minutes before you stop and take some time to rest, and according to the insanity website, you can burn close to about 1,000 calories per hour given the right level of intensity.

Will insanity build muscle?

Insanity is a cardiovascular fitness aerobic exercise which helps with weight loss and muscle building. With insanity, your body helps you challenge your muscles and build strength. So, to this question, the answer is yes.

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