61 Best Instagram Poll Question Ideas for Stories 2024

Aim to understand your target audience? Instagram Polls are the best way to interact with your followers and clients. Since Instagram rolled out this function in 2017, it has become integral to the social platform and its ‘Stories’ feature. 

Therefore, if you want to keep in touch with your audience and conduct valuable marketing research, check out our list of the most creative ways to use Instagram Polls in your Stories.

What Is an Instagram Poll?

An Instagram Poll is a feature that can be used for communication with your audience on Instagram. You can find this interactive sticker on ‘Stories‘ and launch your poll, which will be available within 24 hours. 

Once you share your question, your followers will start voting so that you can see your poll results in real-time.

The Instagram poll could be an image or video, depending on what you decide to share. Video editing is now easier than ever; there are numerous tools on the web that you can use to create videos for Instagram polls, for example, a new Video editor from Visme.

Why Does Instagram Poll Matter?

Instagram polls are perfect for gathering information about your followers for both personal accounts and online businesses. Users use this feature to:

  • increase interaction with the audience;
  • boost the followers’ engagement;
  • and analyze their views and reactions.

Receive real-time user feedback and improve your Instagram activity to draw more potential followers’ attention. You can also increase engagement with your audience by writing clever creative Instagram captions.

How to Create an Instagram Story Poll?

Creating an Instagram poll is pretty simple! Use this simple step-by-step guide to launch the poll in just a few clicks:

Step 1: Open Instagram and create a new story

1 instagram poll how to create 2 867x1536 1

Step 2: Tap the sticker icon at the top of the screen and scroll down to choose the ‘Poll’ sticker out of the existing options.

instagram poll stories

Step 3: Type in the question and responses for the poll.

do you like poll stories

Step 4: Customize the poll (resize or reposition it if necessary).

4 instagram poll how to create 4 873x1536 1

Step 5: Tap ‘Your Story or ‘Send To >’ to share your story with the question.

61 Instagram Poll Ideas: Questions for Instagram Stories

A diversity of Instagram poll ideas can increase your engagement on Stories and keep your followers entertained. 

If you are searching for creative or fascinating poll questions, we are ready to suggest you 61 great question examples for any case. Look through the following lists to pick the most appropriate solutions for your blog or business page on Instagram

Brief ‘Yes/No’ Questions Poll Instagram Questions

1. Do you agree? Answer: Yes / No

2. Do you like this? Answer: Yes / No

3. Would you wear that? Answer: Yes / No

4. Would you buy this? Answer: Yes / No

5. Do you want to be famous? Answer: Yes / No

6. Do people need to trust you before they buy from you? Answer: Yes, for sure! / Nope!

7. Should we do this? Answer: Yes / No

like poll stories

8. Do you want to have your own brand? Answer: Yes please! / No

9. Would you join us? Answer: Yes / No

10. Is it necessary to brand yourself with specific colors? Answer: Yes, it’s essential / No, it’s not

11. Do you want to lose weight? Answer: Yes / No, I’m good

12. Would you like to learn more about mindset & personal development? Answer: YES / No, thanks

13. Do you need help with marketing or social media? Answer: Yes / No

14. Want to join our latest webinar? Answer: Yes / No

15. Is it necessary to post on Social Media every day?

A) Definitely, yes! B) No

16. Is Email Marketing essential for online businesses? Answer: It sure is! / No, waste of time

17. Do you like this outfit? Answer: Yes / No

18. Have you read this book? Answer: Yeap / No, haven’t heard about it

‘Would You Rather’ Poll Instagram Questions

19. Would you rather get: $1M right now / $150,000/yearly

20. Would you rather have a vacation on:  Island / Big city

21. Would you rather see: Your future / Your past

22. Would you rather: Be free / Be rich

Instagram poll stories

23. Would you rather: Read minds / Be invisible

24. Would you rather speak: To animals / Multiple languages

25. Would you rather be: a man / a woman

Understanding Your Followers’ Preferences

26. What do you think of this green shirt? Answer: Love / Hate

27. How do you feel about …? Answer: Awesome / Not bad

28. Should we add beef to our menu? Answer: Go / No

29. How do you like this dress color? Answer: Stunning! / Boring

dress do you like poll stories

30. Which one do you prefer? Answer: Brand 1 / Brand 2

31. Which do you like more? Answer: Right / Left

32. Which color is better? Answer: Mint / Purple

33. Which one is your favorite? Answer: 1/ 2

34. Do you prefer? Answer: TikTok / Instagram

35. What’s more important for you? Answer: Brand / Price

36. Do you own a car? Answer: Yes / No

37. Can you swim? Answer: Yes / No

38. Have you ever surfed? Answer: Yes / No

39. Have you seen this series on Netflix? Answer: Yes / No

40. Have you been to (place or event)? Answer: Yes / No

‘Your Favourite’ Poll Instagram Questions

41. You wish to have a…

A) Cat B) Dog C) Parrot

42. What’s your favourite travel destination?

A) Forest B) Mountains C) Ocean

43. What’s your favourite holiday?

A) Valentine’s Day B) Thanksgiving C) Christmas

44. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

A) Vanilla B) Chocolate D) Strawberry

45. What’s your favorite hot drink?

A) Latte B) Mint tea C) Hot chocolate

46. Are you a…

A) Morning person B) Night person

47. What do you prefer to watch?

A) TV B) YouTube c) Netflix

48. What kind of workout do you prefer?

A) Cardio B) Gym C) Fitness

49. Which interior design style do you prefer?

A) Modern B) Bohemian C) Minimalistic

50. Your favorite go-to weekend activity?

A) Hiking B) Relaxing in bed C) Clubbing

51. What would you wear on a date?

A) Mini B) Jeans C) Low-cut dress

Random Poll Instagram Questions

52. Which are you more scared of?

A) Predators B) Spiders C) Snakes

53. What is your must-have makeup item?

A) Highlighter B) Lipstick C) Mascara

54. How would you like to spend your weekend?

A) Cinema B) Shopping C) Dancing

55. How do you like your coffee?

A) Black B) With soya milk C) Without sugar

56. What is your favorite Marvel superhero?

A) Doctor Strange B) Iron Man C) Scarlet Witch

57. Which season do you like the least?

A) Spring B) Summer C) Fall D) Winter

58. Who is your favorite color this season?

A) Pink B) Olive C) Grey D) Coral

59. What are your favorite flowers?

A) Tulips B) Daisies C) Violets

60. What type of music do you usually listen to in your car?

A) Rock B) Pop C) Rap

61. Which food is your favorite?

A) Lasagna B) French fries C) Pancakes

Instagram Poll Templates from Canva

In this collection, we have put together some best Instagram poll templates from Canva. You can customize them as you want and download them.

Get to know me: This or That?

Edit in Canva

Get to know me: This or That? instagram poll canva

2. Ask me Anything: Instagram Poll template

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3. This or That: Study from Home Instagram Stories

Edit in Canva


4. Place question here: Instagram Stories

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canva stories

5. Photo collage Instagram Stories

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6 instagram poll ideas canva

6. Nice photo collage for Stories

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Nice photo collage for Stories canva

7. Ask me Anything

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7 instagram poll ideas canva

8. This or That: Get to Know Me

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8 instagram poll ideas canva

9. Choose Outfit Instagram Stories

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Choose Outfit Instagram Stories

10. What shows to wear: Instagram Stories Poll

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10 instagram poll ideas canva

11. Plan next trip: Instagram Poll

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11 instagram poll ideas canva

12. Whose side are you? Instagram Stories Poll

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12 instagram poll ideas canva

13. Championship game Instagram Poll

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13 instagram poll ideas canva

14. Help me to Choose: Instagram Poll Template

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14 instagram poll ideas canva


I hope you like these tips on creating perfect Instagram Poll Stories. Don’t hesitate to use Instagram templates from Canva. They will save your time and effort.

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