League of Legend font: Free Download

If you are a fan of the League of legend, this article calls your name. Riot Games are the developers and publishers of League of legends.

Moreover, Friz Quadrata is the typeface used in this famous game logo. The game did not get fame because of the gameplay but the logo.

League Of Legends Font Family Free Download

What is League of Legend Font?

League of Legend font is Quadrata.

The LoL is an online multiplayer game- released on October 27, 2009.

Moreover, LoL had over 9 million spectators in the 2019 championship. The reason why this game became dominant is that it is free to play and features unique gameplay. 

The font Friz Quadrata has strong emotions in it. The typeface is from the ITC (International typeface corporation) and Linotype, and they have all the rights of the font.

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The font has a classy look with detailed characteristics and graphic weights. Furthermore, the typeface comes with four styles: regular, bold, medium, and italic. 

How to use Friz Quadrata font (League of legend font)? 

The typeface has much to offer. The astounding letters of Friz Quadrata font help you to create amusing book covers, games logos, and social media designs. Moreover, the typeface can create both small and bold typography designs. 

Furthermore, this font can also be used in watermarks, products packaging, and magazine pages. The Friz Quadrata font has also been used by famous industries, institutes, entities, and companies. 

Download League of Legend font now

The font was used in the wordmark of the province of Canada Quebec and official logos of the Chilean government (a regular version was used in this).

The typeface is a good choice if you design a typographic logo for your educational institute. You can take an idea from the University of Arizona, Bong University, and Wisconsin logos. 


Furthermore, you can also apply typeface to T-shirts, athletics uniforms, sports teams jerseys, and movie posters. TV One (the first television show of New Zealand) used this font for more than a decade. 

Is League of Legends font free? 

The beautiful font is free for all personal purposes, but not the commercial ones. To make it usable for commercial purposes, the consumer must purchase the license from the ITC. 

The commercial uses are something from which you gain a profit; that is why it is a must to buy the license. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Who designed the League of Legend font? (Friz Quadrata) 

The Friz Quadrata font was developed by Victor Caruso and Ernst Friz and was released in 1965.

2. Can I use League of Legends font for commercial purposes? 

Yes, you can, but only when the authors purchase the license. Otherwise, the developers can sign a case if you try to crack the version. You can use the font for personal purposes, as told above.

3. What type of League of Legend font is it?

The Friz Quadrata was the typeface used in the League of Legends logo. It belongs to the serif family. 

4. What are the best alternatives for League of Legend font? 

There are some alternatives in the town, which are the competitors of this splendid font. Here are they: – 

  • Flareserif font. 
  • Cantoria. 
  • ITC Quorum (5 styles). 

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