Pulp Fiction Font: Free Download

Pulp Fiction font was derived from an American crime movie “Pulp Fiction,” released in September 1994. Moreover, the film was directed by Quentin Jerome Tarantino

pulp fiction

At first glance at this typeface, you’ll recognize that the letters have a stylish look and a bold attraction. As the movie got fame right after the release in theaters, so did the Pulp fiction font. 

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What is Pulp Fiction Font?

Furthermore, Pulp Fiction font has similarities with the Aachen font (a typeface that belongs to the slab serif family); it also has a spellbound effect on the spectators. 

The typeface has a stylish covering of alphabets with scintillating texture and glyphs. The Pulp fiction font has features of both OpenType and TrueType. Some fonts are not understandable, but the letters of this typeface are suave. 

The font has a glooming, smooth, stupendous outlook and has more notable features than other fonts. The typeface is integrated with upper and lower letters, numbers, signs, and crescents. In addition, the font has italic and regular form with glittering attention. 

pulp fiction font

The font has much to offer, and we’ll elaborate on that in the next part of your blog. So without further ado, let’s check them.

How to Use Pulp Fiction Font 

Pulp Fiction seems fashionable, as we have discussed above. The typeface can be used for a lot of purposes. You can use this font for your typography and logo designs. Moreover, the overwhelming font is a perfect choice for headlines. This movie font can also be featured in banner designs, video games, and flyers. 

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Furthermore, the typeface can also be used on the front page of magazines, business cards, stationery boxes, bags, T-shirt designs, and many more.

If you are social media marketer, the font is a perfect typographic tool for you. The typeface will look astounding on your social media post designs. The elegancy of the font grabs the attention of the spectators. 

Is Pulp Fiction Font Free?

Pulp Fiction is free for unique designs, social media posts, etc. The usages which don’t give you any profit or income. If you want to use this typeface for commercial purposes, you’ll need to purchase the license from the author. So, you can use it legally. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who designed the Pulp Fiction Font? 

Colin Brignall and Alan Meeks officially design the font. The typeface was from an American action movie. 

Can I use Pulp Fiction font for commercial use? 

Yes, you can use the Pulp fiction typeface for commercial use, but only when purchased by the font’s license. Or else, the user can’t use the font. But the font can be used for personal usage to avoid facing any legal obligations from the font author. 

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What type of Pulp Fiction Font is? 

The typeface is a stylish and attractive-looking font, which has much to offer for your typography designs. Furthermore, the typeface has both upper and lower cases with numbers and symbols. 

277 2774718 pulp fiction logo hd png download

What are the Best Alternatives to Pulp Fiction Font? 

The typeface has several competitors as well, which are displayed below: 

  • Jempolfreak Font 
  • Averia Gruesa Libre Font 
  • Paw Patrol Font
  • FreeBradBury Font

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