McDonald’s Font: Free Download

Once we hear about McDonald’s, the first thing that comes to mind is the world-famous fast-food restaurant chain with its huge menu having its signature burgers and drinks.

At the present day, there are more than forty thousand McDonald’s outlets all over the world, which is still continuously growing. Therefore, it is not surprising that we always mention this sacred “M” word when it comes to hamburgers and French fries.

macdonalds font

A lot of people mention this quick food service every day, making McDonald’s a household name. However, only a handful of people even know about a popular McDonalds Font, which is derived from this fast-food restaurant. If you want to change the design of your product using a showy typeface, this font will help you fulfil all your creative ideas.

What is McDonald’s Font?

McDonald’s Font is Mclawsuit. The history of the McDonald’s Font establishment isn’t new. Inspired by the famous fast-food chain of restaurants, the typeface was created by Jesse Burgheimer via Down10. Even though the original name of this font family is Mclawsuit, everybody names it McDonald’s Font anyway. 

It is demanded among numerous users for a good reason. This stunning typeface boasts many neat features and a highly legible design. Plus, it comprises 99 characters, including bold letters with sans serif corners. Thanks to these characteristics, the Font always looks unique and notable.

Download the typeface on your computer, smartphone, or tablet to use it every time you want to make something new and creative or improve the existing design. Don’t deprive yourself of a chance to create stunning layouts even on the go, far from your workplace!

Usage of McDonalds Font

McDonald’s Font perfectly fits in many cases. Thus, this typeface will definitely come in handy if you want to create stunning invitations, eye-catching business cards, unique brochure designs, or attractive titles. However, it is best suited to brand titles and logos.

With the McDonald’s Font, your brand will look really impressive. Just imagine how it can enhance the title of your website, a quote on a T-shirt, or a book cover. Regardless of what services or products you offer, they will look great compared to your competitors’ thanks to this awesome font.

You can easily find the McDonald’s Font on the web and use it for your personal needs right away. If you are required to apply the typeface for commercial projects, you don’t have to purchase its paid version. All you need to do is to download it on your PC or mobile device.

mcdonalds font free


If you are looking for creative solutions to improve your logo or typography design genuinely, McDonald’s Font is an excellent option. Test it on your device to figure the layout of your future product design. 

This typeface will make your project more eye-catching and stylish, thus drawing more potential customers’ attention. Please your audience with classy designs created with the McDonald’s Font, and share your experience of applying this typeface to your ideas. Feel free to download free Starbucks font as well.

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