Menlo font: Free Download

Menlo is a monospaced sans-serif script with fixed width. Jim Lyles created the font in 2009. It got popular after Menlo font was first used in Mac OS x Snow Leopard. 

The typeface was inspired by Bitstream Vera and DejaVu fonts. It comes as a set of 151 characters, each of which is distinctly drawn and has a very elegant ligature. 

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Originally, monospace fonts were invented for purely technical reasons as they do not match commonplace typographic traditions. However, Menlo can come in handy for other design purposes.

How to Use Menlo Font?

Monospace fonts are often called non-proportional. It means that all letters and other characters take the same horizontal space, even if you take letters ‘I’ and ‘M.’ 

It may not look natural for most typographic tasks. And due to this feature, sometimes, these scripts are underestimated by designers despite their vast potential. 

Monospace fonts such as Menlo make it much easier to write code as they usually have pretty clear symbols. That’s why Menlo font is popular among programmers. But the scope of their application can be much broader.

menlo programming font

If you use such fonts correctly, they will add variety and uniqueness to different design projects. Menlo font will help you make an accent on a particular text part.

Download Menlo font now:

It will enable the reader to quickly find the required information, for example, in tables. Menlo script symbols make eye-catching contrast when combined with other font characters, and such inserts look very lively.

Is Menlo Font Free?

This typeface is free for personal use. You can find the download file in various formats and easily install it on Windows.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Menlo Font for commercial use?  

Yes, you can use all Apple fonts for your business projects. The company stated that all its fonts available in Font Book are offered to be freely used for creating, displaying, and printing any content.

All Apple fonts can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

What type of font is Menlo?

Menlo belongs to monospace fonts. It is well known that this feature does not contribute to the readability of texts framed in such a script.

At the same time, Menlo will look harmoniously on all sorts of emblems, logos, brochures, and much more. Therefore, the main rule is not to frame large pieces of text in Menlo but use it only for accentuating a part of it.

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Menlo font

What are alternatives to Menlo font?

There are many free mono fonts similar to Menlo font, such as Meslo LG. LG in the title stands for Line Gap. It allows you some control over vertical spacing – you can choose small, medium, and extensive gap options.

Alternatively, you can use

  • Bitstream,
  • Courier New, or
  • DejaVu

if you look for something similar to Menlo typeface.

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