19 Easy Card Games to Play with Kids

Not sure what to do with your kids? If you want to spend quality time together and engage with them, but you’re tired of the same old thing, try these card games for kids.

We’ve got you covered. Here are 19 easy card games for kids that can help them learn social skills and build self-esteem. These card games are designed for kids from 6 years and up.

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Easy Card Games for Kids

North Star Games Happy Salmon

This is a very simple card game that has one goal only , to be the last player with a complete set of Happy Salmon cards. Players race to match up all their cards with those of other players, and must do so as fast as possible.

If someone succeeds in doing so, the player shouts “HAPPY SALMON!” and that player wins the round. The first person to win three rounds is the winner! (Yes, it’s that easy to win).

Age: 6 & up

north star games salmon family

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Uno Card Game

In Uno, your goal is simple – to get rid of all the cards in your hand. You start with 7 cards, and play out a card that matches one of the ones shown on top of the deck.

Next, the player to your left plays a card from their hand, and so on until someone plays a wild-card color or number instead of a match one.

That person must pick up another card from the draw pile. The first person to get rid of all their cards is the winner!

Age: 7 & up

uno card game

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Skip-Bo Junior Sequencing Card Game for 2 to 4 Players

This is a fun way to help kids learn how to sort and sequence different objects and animals, and tell which ones come first and next. (Good practice for those preschoolers ready to learn that skill).

The cards are all illustrated with colorful pictures of animals, places or things that kids will be familiar with such as a pumpkin patch, the zoo, a farm etc.

Age: 4 & up

skip bo junior

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Go Fish Classic Card Game

In this fishing-themed card game, players try to build sets of 4 matching cards either by asking other players for the cards they need, or by catching them in the middle of the table.

Be ready to make a strategic sacrifice in order to win the game, but don’t wait too long before you decide which is best!

Age: 5 & up

games fish classic card

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Sushi Go! – The Pick and Pass Card Game

This colorful card game is a hoot, with its fast pace and passing of the cards. The name of the game suggests sushi, but there is much more than that here – players grab cards and pass them around the table, making sets and passing again.

The card you choose to keep might be the card you make the most sets with, or it might be one that will help you at the end when you can discard everything. Play your cards right, and you’ll win the game!

Age: 8 & up

sushi go card game kids

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The Purple Cow The Crazy Scientist Tricks Card Set

In this fast-paced card game, players compete to play the best tricks on an unsuspecting cow. Players take turns playing cards onto a trick pile in the center of the table, trying to improve on their own previously played card.

A animal card may be a prize, a penalty or a trick card. The first player to play six animal cards on their tricks wins.

Age: 6 & up

purple cow scientist educational instructions

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Sleeping Queens Card Game, 79 Cards

A deck full of cards featuring queens and other fairy tale characters who just won’t stay asleep.

In this simple card game, players try to wake up their queens by matching cards, but the only way to win is by keeping their opponents’ queens asleep. The player who wakes 5 queens first is the winner!

Age: 8 & up

sleeping queens card game

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Zeus on the Loose

In this fast-playing card game, players compete to capture Zeus in order to prove they are the most powerful god. Each player has their own deck of cards and Zeus card.

The player with Zeus starts by playing a card from their hand, then another player may play a card from their hand, and so on until no players can make a play.

The one who played the highest-numbered card wins that round and takes all cards played (except the Zeus card), then starts the next round. The first player to capture Zeus wins!

Age: 8 & up

gamewright 233 zeus the loose

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Hasbro Gaming Guess Who?

Players ask each other yes or no questions trying to guess the face on the other players’ card without asking a question that could be answered with “yes” or “no”.

When the player correctly guesses who they are, they take that character card and place it facedown in front of them. The first player to collect 5 character cards wins the game.

Age: 7 & up

guess who game kids

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Gamewright Rat-A-Tat-Cat

Two players are dealt half the deck each. Players take turns laying down a card of their opponent’s top stack, exposing some cards but not all.

The opponent has to think fast and say either “Rat” if the card’s rank is 1 less than its suit or “Cat” if that condition does not exist.

The player to call the most cards in a round wins that round and takes all revealed cards to add to their deck. If one player’s deck is reduced to 10 or fewer cards, that player loses the game.

Age: 10 & up

gamewright 204 rat a tat cat

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Deer In The Headlights The Card & Dice Game

Players try to get rid of all their cards by playing a card that is the next number in the sequence. The first player to play all their cards wins, but they must be played in ascending order, with the first card being played on 1.

Continue play until everyone has played all their cards. However, some cards are special and you must play them when another player plays one of these cards. The first person to play all their cards is the winner!

Age: 7 & up

dear in the headlights

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Red Light, Green Light

Players take turns acting like traffic lights at an intersection. On your turn, you hold up a card facing out from your board. If the color on the card matches one of your player pieces, then you can move that piece.

If not, then you have to stay still. The first player to get all their pieces across the intersection is the winner! 

Age: 6 & up

red light green light

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Hasbro Gaming Clue Card Game for Kids

Players use the clues to try and figure out which suspect, weapon, room, and location are correct. Players earn money for each correct answer. The first player to accumulate 10,000 dollars wins the game!

Age: 9 & up

clue card game

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Hoagie – A Goofy Kitchen Adventure

Players get to be goofy kitchen characters as they try to fill orders for customers by grabbing ingredients from their refrigerator. The first one to collect the right ingredients, plates, and silverware wins the game!

Age: 6 & up

kitchen card game

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Players try to collect pairs of matching rock cards by placing a marker over the picture on each card. The first player to collect 4 pairs is the winner!

Age: 8 & up

national geographic rock bingo game play

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UNO Mario Kart Card Game

Each player chooses a character from the Mario Kart series and tries to empty their hand first. This is done by matching a card in your hand with the current card shown on top of the deck, either by number, symbol or color. You can also use cards that let you steal a card from another player’s hand, reverse the order of play or even skip your turn. The first player to get rid of all their cards wins!

Age: 8 & up

uno super mario

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Trash War – Hilarious Medieval Junk Yard Battle Card Game

Players battle to the death to collect the most soda cans. Players use cards from their hand to shoot at their opponents and defend themselves with shields or a safe place in a garbage can.

But there is a twist, when you shoot at another player , your card may miss (bounce) and end up hitting YOU! The first player to collect 10 soda cans wins the game!

Age: 6 & up

trash war fast action games people

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Phase 10 Card Game with 108 Cards

Players race to complete the game by collecting the right cards and playing them in sequential order.

Players can match colors, numbers or symbols but they will also need to use their wits to read which cards are coming up next. The first player to complete 10 phases correctly, wins the game!

Age: 8 & up

phrase 10

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COLOROW – The Strategic Color-Matching Card Game

Players try to create color matches by turning over 2 cards at once. Each card has a pattern of shapes and colors with one or more stars on it. The first player to get 6 stars wins the game!

Age: 6 & up

colorow strategic color matching card game

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All these games require minimal materials, no batteries, and barely any space. You’ll be playing in minutes. Also, you can take these card games with you and entertain your kids on a car trip or a plane.

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