Quicksand Font: Free Download

Quicksand is a sans-serif font that was designed by Geoffrey Lee. It has a very modern and clean look, making it perfect for headlines and titles.

quicksand font free download

The font is available in both regular and italic styles and includes all the characters you need to create professional-looking documents.

The history Quicksand font

Quicksand is a sans-serif typeface designed by Geoffrey Lee and released by Letraset in 1983. It is a bold, geometric design with strong, angular strokes. It is characterized by its open letterforms and wide proportions.

The name refers to the sand, which can quickly become bogged down in the water, much like the typeface itself.

Lee based the design on classic Art Deco lettering but gave it a modern twist. It was one of the first typefaces to be released in the TrueType format and quickly became popular due to its unique style and wide range of weights.

How to use Quicksand font?

Quicksand has been used extensively in advertising and branding and is still a popular choice for headlines and posters. It has also been used in movie titles and TV show credits, most notably The Simpsons.

quicksand font free download

The font is available in both regular and bold weights, and includes a full set of characters, including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

To use Quicksand font in your documents, free download it here.

Once you have downloaded it, simply install it on your computer and start using it in your documents!

You can find Quicksand font among default Microsoft Word minimalist fonts that’s why it will be a perfect choice for letterheads or resumes.

What is the license of Quicksand font?

The Quicksand font is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

This means that you are free to use it for personal or commercial purposes, but you must give credit to the designer and cannot use it for any purpose that is not covered by the license. Quicksand is a versatile elegant minimalist font that you can use for any design, from logo to t-shirt.

Quicksand Font Alternatives

If you’re looking for a similar font that offers a similar look and feel, try out

They all have clean, modern designs and are available for free download.

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