Benton Sans Font: Free Download & Font Pairs

The Benton Sans font has a clean and modern appearance, with strong geometric shapes. The typeface is highly readable, even in small sizes. It includes a wide range of weights, from Extra Light to Black, and a condensed version.

Benton Sans font will work perfectly for logos, websites, blogs, postcards, T-shirts, business cards, and other creative projects.

Benton Sans font history

The Benton Sans font was created by Tobias Frere-Jones and first released in 1994. It was designed as a humanist sans-serif typeface and is especially well-suited for body text.

bentos sans font download

The font is named after American type designer Morris Fuller Benton, who created some of the earliest sans-serif typefaces in the early 20th century.

The Benton Sans font is available in both desktop and Webfont formats. It is currently used by a number of major brands, including Ford, Virgin, and The Guardian newspaper.

how to use Benton Sans font

When using Benton Sans in your design work, selecting the right weight and style for the project at hand is important.

The font comes in various weights, from Extra Light to Black, so you can choose the level of darkness that works best. The condensed version is also a good option for tight spaces. Download Benton Sans now:

Benton Sans is a highly readable font, perfect for body text use. It has a modern and clean appearance, making it ideal for both web and print projects.

Benton Sans font

When pairing Benton Sans with other fonts, choosing typefaces with a similar feel is important. For example, pairing Benton Sans with another sans-serif typeface can give a clean and modern look. That’s why pairing Benton Sans with a serif font can give a more traditional feel.

Besides, sans serif fonts like Benton Sans will be a good pair for handwritten and calligraphy fonts.

Here are the best Benton Sans font pairs and combinations:

  • Benton Sans + Playfair Display
  • Benton Sans + Bebas
  • Benton Sans + Alex Brush
  • Benton Sans + Bugaki
  • Benton Sans + Abril Fatface

Choosing the right font combinations is important for creating a cohesive design. By using Benton Sans in your next project, you can create a professional and polished look that will impress your audience.

Benton Sans font alternatives

If you’re looking for a similar font to Benton Sans, some good alternatives include

These fonts have a similar clean and modern appearance, making them a great choice for web and print projects.

Benton Sans License & Commercial use

The Benton Sans font is available under a Creative Commons license, allowing for personal and commercial use. This makes the font a great option for both web and print projects.

Get the Benton Sans font now:

When using Benton Sans in your work, be sure to credit the font creator and include a link to the font’s website. This will help others find and use the font in their own projects.

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