Sesame Street Font: Download Now

Sesame Street is an American television show where humans, monsters, birds, and grouches all live together. The Sesame Street font belongs to it. The show was first premiered in 1969 on National Television. It had some tirades and more positive views. 

Sesame Street

The educational show is still running and currently have over millions of viewers. It has over 4,500+ episodes and 52 seasons. 

What is Sesame Street font?

The font was used in Sesame Street, and it is known as Interstate Bold Compressed typeface. The font’s appearance shows that the letters both have several different styles. 

The enthusiastic children and their affection for to show have given Sesame Street 22.9 million subscribers on YouTube. 

You probably have watched or heard of this show if you are American with your children. A 2018 survey shows that 86 million Americans have watched this show in their childhood. 

The typeface belongs to the San’s serif family with different outlines, styles, numbers, and text figures. 

Let’s check out more about this font in the next phase of our blog. 

How to use Sesame Street Font? 

The sans serif font has different purposes and usages. You can apply this font to your T-shirt designs and attach some Sesame Street characters, and it would look awesome. Moreover, the typeface is applicable for vintage, banner, cards, and stationery designs. 

sesame street

The appearance and elegance of the font look more fashionable and modern than any other font. 

Furthermore, you can also apply this font in your animation, logo designing, Websites, Movie posters, broachers, business cards, and signages. 

The boldness of the font would make your headlines exquisite and attention-grabbing. You can also apply this font on book covers, magazines, wedding invitations, and many more. 

At last, you can also use this font in your branding and product packaging. 

A design generator is also available for this tool; you can use that without downloading it on your laptop or PC. 

Is Sesame Street Font free? 

Sesame Streat typeface is free. If you want to use it for personal purposes, you can download it. However, you can’t apply this font to your commercial uses if you don’t have any access to the license. 

You can consult the author to grant you the permission of the font for commercial purposes, or else they can take legal actions against you. Download the font below:

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who designed the Sesame Street font? 

Tobiase Frere-Jones designed and crafted this font. The real purpose of this font is logo design. 

  • Can I use Sesame Street Font for Commercial use? 

Yes, you can use this for commercial use only if you have access to a license or have permission from the author of this font. Although, you can use it for personal uses for free.


Sesame Street 1111
  • What type of font Sesame Street Font is? 

The Sesame is bold from the sans serif family and has a great glimpse in letters. It comes in a couple of styles like Sesame Street Italic, bold, and regular.

  • What are the best alternatives for Sesame Streat Font? 

Let’s check out what are the alternatives to this font. 

  1. Supreme Font
  2. Countryside font. 
  3. Bunch Blossom font. 

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