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The font that has been used in the game “The Legend of Zelda” is Hylian Serif. The font style is designed by the Artsy Omni. The font can also be used for personal purposes.

The Zelda game series has used the “Hylian language” as the in-game language and also has the text converted in the game in the very same language. The font since then has gained popularity as the Zelda font series.

Usage of Zelda font

What is Zelda font? Zelda font is Hylian Serif.

The Hylian san-serif font is one of the most popular and common types of fonts that can be used for creating headlines and logos. The font comes with a very stylish and unique look, which makes the design more attractive and tempting.

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With the font, there are nineteen special symbols that have been blanketed. The font style is known for its sleek symbol. The font style not only brings out a gothic style but also has a sense of modernity. Furthermore, the font is one of the most useful designs that can be used for magazine work or making movie posters.

Download Zelda font now:

The font typeface is very popular amongst its users for its stylish design and is in nature a very smart and well-calligraphy font design that is well crafted and maintained. The designer has taken great care to make the fonts come out sleek and cool.

Despite a calligraphy-based font, it is highly legible. Furthermore, the entire font family can be accessed for free. Hence, with a very simple click from the laptop or the computer, the font can be easily downloaded and accessed and further used in the projects.

The font typeface of Zelda is also a replacement for the now aging font typeface called- “Triforce”. The font is available for free and is regularly updated. Along with the nineteen different symbols used, the font family also includes- the Sheikah symbol, Triforce, and also in the Royal Crest of Hyrule.

Since the last thirty years, the logos that have gone in the making of the Legend of Zelda games have often used different types of font styles and groups. But the most popular and the most iconic font style that has been used is Zelda and along with it the typeface of “Charlemagne” is also almost used in every logo.

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Apart from the games series, the font style has also been used in the making of posters of notable games such as The Twilight Princess, The Wind Waker. The game – Legend of Zelda depends upon a large amount of text. In between the game dialog and other things are exchanged. Furthermore, each Zelda game has its own typeface and the loyal Zelda fans can collectively collect the typeface and form one community of fonts.


The Hylian san-serif font or more popularly the “Zelda font” family is perfect to be used in designing various logos, movie posters, wedding designs, invitation cards, business cards, social media posts, product packaging, watermarks, printing, t-shirt designs, and many more. The font style can also be used by the developers in designing a website or a webpage

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