40 Spooky Halloween Gift Ideas for Adults 2020

It’s October that means Halloween is coming. This holiday is a perfect occasion to give gifts to your loved ones and have fun. This is one of the most fun holidays when you can be someone else and try on a costume from movies, TV shows, and legends. Who do you want to be this Halloween night? Be creative!

Well, I’m sure you can choose a Halloween outfit yourself, but when it comes to the gifts, we have got you covered!

In this collection, you are going to find 40 eye-popping and creepy Halloween gifts for your friends and family. All these ideas were collected with adults in mind. Don’t hesitate to scroll down and pick the most spooky, creepy, and creative gifts! Onedesblog wishes you an unforgettable Halloween, no tricks, just treats! Booo.

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Pumpkin doormat fall decoration

Decorate your house with this pumpkin doormat for Halloween.

pumpkin doormate halloween decoration

Patterned Rolling pin cookies

You can use this patterned rolling pin not only like a present but also to cook holiday cookies for your family and friends

rolling pin cookies gift

Fall Wreath Pumpkin Patch

The best present is always something handmade. This pumpkin patch with white pumpkins, leaves, purple, cream and green accents will be a perfect decor for any interior.

pumpkin patch

Halloween Mug & Insulated Cup

Cups with different prints for everyone, no matter for mom or friend. Make the morning scary and spooky.

halloween cup coffee mug

Halloween Wine Labels

Make your party perfect with these wine labels. Just dress up bottles, add a touch of black humor and enjoy your company

halloween wine labels halloween gift

Mini Skull Tealight Candle Gift Box

What about eco-friendly candles that are completely vegan and 100% soy wax. They have a perfect mini size. They come in kraft gift box ready to give!

halloween gift skuul candles box

Little Pumpkin baby Halloween suit

We have a gift for the youngest guests celebrating Halloween. How cute they will look in this suit! They are designed using special-designed fabric that consists of 100% cotton

little pumpkin baby suit

Spoon Halloween Decor

Make your friends remember you even when they have breakfast. This spoon not only a funny gift but also useful. Try it!

stamped spoon halloween decor.

Trick or Treat Sticker Set

Trick or treat’ are the main words of this scary night. These stickers allow you to decorate even your laptop for a holiday.

trick or treat

Large Halloween bag

Go shopping with Halloween in mind. This eco bags are large and comfortable in using

halloween shop bag

Halloween Wine Bag

Dress your gift bottle and present it in a creative Halloween bag. We are sure that your friends will be delighted with such kind of gift.

halloween wine bag halloween gift

Skull Shot Glasses

It doesn’t matter what kind of drink you prefer because drinking from these glasses is more fun. Perhaps such a new form of glasses can make your drinks tastier, just check it!

skull shot glasses

Hocus Pokus soap

Are you looking for a perfect Halloween gift? This soap looks scary. But the main question, how does smell? Order this gift and check it out!

hocus pocus soap

Handmade Ceramic Mug

Are you ready to make a potion this Halloween? If not, then we are prepared to help you with this — the best mug for the scariest recipes on our list.

handmade ceramic mug

Gothic Arch Floating Shelf

Just imagine how cool and scary the shelf with burning candles will look. Turn off the light and add some music to scare your friends to death!

gothic floating shelf

Halloween Kitchen Towel

Decorate the kitchen with this soft towel. It’s an ideal gift for this Halloween, don’t you think?

halloween kitchen towel

Witches Halloween Socks

This Halloween, even your socks will look funny! They are hot soft, and stylish. Only for real witches

real halloween witches socks

Chakra Crystal for Halloween Spell

No, these aren’t unusual crystals. You need them for Halloween spell. Just do Hocus Pocus! and wait for the magic.

magic crystals

Fun Halloween Apron

The scariest person at the Halloween party is the cook. You never know what kind of joke to expect. Would he(she) add something to the food? We can only hope he would not.

fun halloween apron halloween gift

Fire and Brimstone Playing Cards

Are you ready to play these cards with your friends for the wildest desires? Nobody knows what to expect from friends, especially at the Halloween night.

fire and brimstone playing cards

Blood Bag for Drinks

What group of blood do you prefer? You have the opportunity to treat your friends with real fresh blood. These blood bags will be a perfect addition to your medicine costume for this party! Joke or not? Who knows, check it!

blood bags for drinks

Spirit game board

Yes, this is the same board from the scariest horror movies. That is precisely what you need to remember this Halloween for the whole life.

spirit game board

Halloween Pumpkins

These cute pumpkins are a confirmation that Halloween can be charming. Unless, of course, uninvited guests knock on the house.

halloween pumpkins

Halloween Favor Bags

We have perfect gift bags for you. Prank your friends, let them be afraid even to take a look what’s inside.

halloween favor bags

VooDoo Doll with Brass Pins

Have you ever dreamed of a voodoo doll? Find your friend’s most vulnerable place of the body; it’s much more comfortable with this doll.

voodoo doll with brass pins

Sugar Cube Skulls

With decorations, everything in the house can remind you of Halloween. Turn the tea party into an exciting occasion with these sugar cube skulls.

sugar cube skulls halloween gift

Coffin Bath Bomb

Its time to die! Joke! Its time to bath 😉 This coffin bath is cute and scary at the same

coffin bath bomb halloween gift

Origami Paper Halloween gift

Yes, Halloween postcards can also be made with love. They feature in 3D design that will be a small little something for your friends or co-workers.

origami paper halloween gift

Mini Milk Chocolate Skulls

Are you having a sweet tooth? These Halloween skull candies are scary delicious! And sweet.

mini milk chocolate skulls

Recipe Book

We are sure that real witches cook great! This is the perfect cookbook for spooky potion recipes or just soups. Great gift for witches-housekeepers.

recipe book for witches

Halloween Planter

The more pumpkins, the better. They are ready to complement your decor while standing on the windowsill.

pumpkin decoration planter halloween gift

Vampire Fang Soap Set

Great vampire gift. Be creative tonight. Boo!

vampire fang soap set

Skull Jar Hot Sauce

You have every chance of making this Halloween night hotter. What about the jokes with hot sauce? We promise it will be fun!

skull jar hot sauce halloween gift

Finger Model USB

Did someone lose his finger? Maybe someone needs another one, especially if it is so useful and unusual.

finger card

Decorated Cookies

Do you have enough sweets to pay for children? They are ready for anything to get sweets. Trick or treat!

decorated cookies

Skull Rocks Glass

Just look how cool the drink seems in these glasses. Hurry up. Halloween is coming!

skull rocks glass

Brain Earrings

One brain is good; more brains are better. Don’t forget to use it on the Halloween night!

brain earrings

Chocolate Eyeballs

How awful these eyeball candies look, but how delicious they could be. You won’t know until you try.

chocolate eyeballs halloween gift

Pumpkin Spice Bars

I can’t stop thinking about sweets. What about you? If your friends also have a sweet tooth like me, they will be happy to get a tasty present from you this Halloween.

pumpkin spice bar halloween gift

Horror movie coffin box

This is an absolutely unique coffin box for your items. Who’s Freddy’s fan out there? With this box, you can sleep peacefully, unless ….

horror movie coffin box

Over to You

I hope you enjoy this list of Halloween gift ideas for adults. What gift is your favorite and why? Share with us in the comment field below.

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