30 Gorgeous Unique Christmas Baubles & Ornaments

Christmas is just around the corner and I can’t wait to decorate my Christmas tree this year. You may be drawn to your store-bought ornaments that are a great way to spice up your Christmas tree, of course. However, DIY and handmade Christmas ornaments can be a better, more personal way to decorate the tree.

How many ornaments should be on a Christmas tree?

Have you ever wondered how many ornaments should be on a Christmas tree? I always feel it’s too little too much ornaments on my tree, but they are so beautiful that I can’t help but hang them all. 

Usually, for the Christmas tree under nine feet, 10-15 ornaments per foot would be enough. For taller trees, use 12-20 standard size ornaments per feet.

In this list, I have handpicked gorgeous, unique Christmas baubles to take your tree decoration a whole new level. You can create DIY Christmas ornaments yourself or with your kids. Some of these ideas are quite simple; all you need for these handmade baubles are clear glass balls from Amazon.

Painterly baubles with pops of colour

painterly baubles with pops of colour

Asleep from day: Christmas is coming

asleep from day christmas is coming

DIY Iridescent Gold Splatter Painted Ornaments


tell diy painted ornaments

Brush Strokes Bubbles

christmas baubles beautiful

Make It – An Ornament Surprise Ball Advent Calendar

make it ornament surprise ball advent calendar

Concrete Christmas Baubles

concrete christmas baubles

Personalised hand lettered calligraphy christmas bauble decoration

personalised hand lettered calligraphy

Monochrome Christmas Bauble Trio

set of three monochrome baubles

Floral pastel hand painted Christmas ornaments

floral pastel baubles

Hand painted glass ornament

hand painted glass ornament

Hand lettered ceramic baubles

hand lettered ceramic baubles christmas

How to Make Gold Leaf Ceramic Baubles

golden baubles christmas

DIY Indigo Marbled Ornaments

diy indigo marbled ornaments

Nordic Pine Bauble

nordic pine bauble

10 Minutes or Less: DIY Temporary Tattoo Ornaments

temporary tattoo ornaments

DIY Sprinkles Ornaments

diy sprinkles ornaments

Easy Paper Scrap DIY Christmas Ornaments

easy paper scrap diy christmas ornaments

DIY Brushstroke Ornaments

diy brushstroke ornaments

DIY Black, White, and Gold Ornaments

diy black white gold ornamentsblack white and gold ornaments

Frida Kahlo Christmas Bauble

frida kahlo christmas bauble ceramic

Amazing baubles for Christmas

srueterart baubles

Black DIY Baubles

black diy baubles

Nice Christmas Baubles

baubles hammamamadotblog

Christmas bauble with names

christmas bauble christsmas decoration


diy painted ornaments

Kaleidoscopic Ornament Set

kaleidoscopic ornament set

rose gold bauble

personalised bauble christmas tree

Twenty Five Miniature Owl Baubles

twenty five miniature owl baubles


pale pink yellow and white bauble

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christmas ornaments baubles

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