21 Best Clothing Shopify Themes for a Perfect Online Store

Want to establish a successful online apparel store? Then look at these 21 best clothing Shopify themes for clothing to make your website more appealing.

eCommerce firms have entirely changed the way we purchase, especially clothing. However, you must first decide on a theme to make your online clothes store successful. If a visitor doesn’t like the web site’s theme, they’ll most likely leave and go to another.

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21 Best Clothing Shopify Themes

As a result, choosing a theme is critical to the success of your Shopify store. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 21 Shopify clothes themes in our guide today!

Beyond Ethnical Shopify Theme for Clothing

The Beyond Ethnical Shopify Theme for Clothing is clean and simple. It’s developed for visual storytelling. Additionally, the theme is optimized for lengthier text sections, which can enhance your brand’s identity.

The theme is also capable of handling high-volume sales transactions. Therefore, we recommend the Beyond Ethnical Shopify Theme for Clothing for online retailers to enhance their brand narrative.

Price: $250


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This is if you are looking for a trendy and edgy theme for your Shopify clothing store. The Colorblock Shopify Theme for Clothing is tailored to high-end fashion firms who desire a popular web presence.

The theme is loaded with customization features, color enhancements, and cataloging. Together, they provide the ideal components for developing the best clothing website.

Price: Free


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Context: Chic Shopify Theme for Clothing Store

If you offer apparel from various catalogs, we believe the Context: Chic Shopify Theme for Clothing Store is the perfect option for your online clothing business. This theme has a variety of pre-built layouts that will assist you in cataloging your products and your visitors in swiftly locating the information they require.

In addition, it includes simple customization and the most recent Shopify capabilities. This theme has a variety of pre-built layouts that will assist you in cataloging your products and your visitors in swiftly locating the information they require. In addition, it includes simple customization and the most recent Shopify capabilities.

Price: $280

chic context shopify theme clothing

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Equipped with full drag-and-drop customization, the North Shopify Theme for Clothing Store is ideal for apparel businesses that prioritize adaptability and simplicity. This theme includes content-specific blocks like pictures, videos, and texts that can be customized.

Additionally, it allows you to showcase your personal preference on the homepage of your online clothing store. It’s a simple yet potent theme for any Shopify clothing store.

Price: $200


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Want to highlight your products creatively? Then the Highlight Shopify Theme is your best option. This theme will give you everything you need to artistically and effectively display your items.

Unique customization options are available for the Highlight theme, such as a parallax vertical slider and an asymmetrical grid for products. These will help you develop a Shopify website that stands out.

Price: $250


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If you are new to web design, you might want to test this Shopify theme. It’s a basic theme that relies mainly on image displays.

Dawn theme will allow you to create a simple yet visually appealing website for your clothing store. It’ll allow you to showcase your creativity through a vast amount of visual content and catchy texts.

Price: Free


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Turbo Theme / Dubai

Try out the Turbo Shopify Theme for Clothing Store/Dubai if you wish to use a premium Shopify theme. It features advanced customization, high-speed performance, and robust dependability.

As a premium Shopify theme, it costs twice as much as common themes. But, its features, outlook, and functionality make it a worthwhile investment.

Price: $400

turbo theme dubai

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Retina Theme / Austin

Retina Shopify Theme for Clothing Store/Austin is one of online clothing stores’ most modernized Shopify themes. This theme is optimized for huge picture displays, making it suitable for apparel websites.

It’s equipped with many customization options that allow you to personalize and catalog each product.

Price: $210

retina theme austin

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Try the Mojave Shopify Theme to emphasize product details rather than visual representation. It’s for retailers who want to provide everything their customers need to know through texts along with pictures.

With all of the advanced customization options, you can construct a clothes website with the ideal balance of text and images.

Price: $320


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Here is another image-focused Shopify theme for your clothing store, full of unique characteristics. Split Shopify Theme for Clothing Store is featured with split-screen presentation and advanced personalization.

The theme is simple yet visually stunning. It’s also straightforward to personalize, thanks to its drag-and-drop functionality.

Price: $250

split cuber

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Superstore Theme / Fashion

The Superstore Shopify Theme for Clothing Store is the most acceptable option if you own a clothing wholesale business.

The wholesale appearance of the Superstore Shopify Theme will attract wholesale buyers and increase your business’s profitability.

Price: $280

superstore theme fashion

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To create a customized experience for your site’s users, you should try the Tailor Shopify theme. Then, you’ll have enough options to showcase your work by designing the theme you like.

This theme has extensive customization options, including product labels, catalogs, color palette swatches, and one-click cart addition. This will make your website more appealing, and your visitors will also love it.

Price: $310


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The Galleria Shopify Theme has revolutionized the apparel store slideshow display. Instead of a conventional slideshow, the Galleria Shopify Theme incorporates an innovative column slideshow.

It includes a lookbook-style layout that allows you to showcase product photographs.

Price: $250


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Flex Theme

Want to bring more customers to your Shopify website by showcasing your creativity? Try out the Flex Shopify Theme for Clothing Store now!

It’s made to be customized for an infinite number of days. You determine your own best interests. In addition, this theme includes 13 pre-built themes as a starting point for your apparel website.

Price: $485

flex trending refresh 2000x

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The Influence Shopify Theme includes everything you might want in a clothing website theme. Adaptable catalogs, potent navigation, advanced product searching, narrative influence, etc.

It’s a premium theme. Hence the price is a bit more than regular Shopify themes for clothing. However, the increased cost is justified by the features it comes with.

Price: $350


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Retina Theme / Amsterdam

Here’s another Retina Shopify theme on our list, but this one has a unique twist. This Shopify theme is intended to give your clothing website a boutique-like appearance.

If you want to establish a brand for people who prefer an innovative design from smaller brands, this is the theme for you!

Price: $210

retina theme amsterdam

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Use the Avenue Shopify Theme if you prefer easy usability more than anything. It includes a highly effective search tool with extensive filters.

The sophisticated filtering tool is a dynamic drop-down menu that can quickly provide results. In addition to enhanced search capabilities, this theme has advanced customization options to improve the UI.

Price: $280


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Story: Swimming Suits Shopify Theme

Story: Swimming Suits Shopify Theme is ideal for all types of apparel websites. It places a strong emphasis on visual representations.

However, it would be more effective if you used it to showcase swimwear. This Shopify theme also features Shopify-standard drag-and-drop customization.

Price: $280

story shopify clothing

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Venue: Men Clothing Store Shopify

The Venue Shopify Theme is a premium theme for men’s clothing stores. The theme includes full customization and presentation capabilities.

In addition, it’ll assist you in creating an effective website for a significant digital footprint.

Price: $320


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Shopify Theme – Olive & Avery

The Olive & Avery Shopify Theme provides an aesthetically pleasing lifestyle boutique design. It’s ideal for presenting regular clothing items.

The theme is equipped with easy-to-adapt customizable UI and stunning visual options. Overall, it’s perfect for a new Shopify online clothing store.

Price: $140

shopify theme olive avery

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Aesthetic Shopify Theme: Clothing Store

Want to distinguish yourself from the competition? Try this aesthetically pleasing Shopify theme for clothing! It’s intended for fashion-forward people who wish to flaunt their style.

Aesthetic Shopify Theme offers a vibe of simplicity that you can’t find in any other Shopify theme.

Price: $208

aesthetic shopify theme

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