Don’t look Up Movie Font: Download Now

Haven’t you watched the movie yet? The Don’t look up is a science fiction movie that was released on 24th December 2021, and the font Bebas Neue Pro bold was used in the making of the poster of this movie.

The previous version of Bebas Neue didn’t have any lower cases, but this typeface is modified and implemented with lower cases.

dont look up font

The Bebas Neue font was insurmountable for more than ten years, and it had become very popular among designers. The Bebas Neue Pro Bold has the Italic, lower cases, and Cyrillic. 

Furthermore, the typeface lowercases were carefully designed to match it with the upper cases. Also, the upper cases were redesigned for this version for Bebas Neue Pro. 

The developer made the uppercases a little thin to match them with the lower cases. The font has 3 inches of width space, too. 

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How to use Bebas Neue Pro Bold? 

As we said above, the typeface is the upgraded version of the previous one. This means it can be used for the same purposes as Bebas Neue, a little bit more than that. The font can be used for brand logos, magazine’s first page, movie posters, product designs, and many more. 

dont look up

Moreover, the scintillating typeface has more than 40 styles in it. The European style can also be displayed, and several other languages are also supported by Bebas Neue Pro bold. The typeface is also usable for captions, headlines, and packaging. 

Furthermore, The font has a mesmerizing effect on the spectators. It has a Tabular feature (the horizontal spacing between the alphabets); you can access it through the Opentype availability. It is fascinating to see such fonts in town, with many traits. 

Is Bebas Neue Pro Free? 

The previous version of Bebas Neue was launched under a public license called GPL (general public license). It means it was free for all the users. 

However, Bebas Neue Pro is not a free typeface.

The demo version of Bebas Neue Pro can be used for personal use, but you can’t use it for commercial purposes for free. Download it here:

It requires a license, which should be purchased to avoid any legal obligations from the owner. Commercial usage gives you something in return, i.e., business uses, etc. 

Frequently Asked Question 

  1. Who designed the Bebas Neue Pro?

The font was released in October 2021 and designed by Dharma Type with some more upgrades. 

  1. Can I use Bebas Neue Pro for commercial use? 

Yes, you can use this typeface for commercial use after buying the license of this font. The font is free for personal purposes, as mentioned in the above paragraphs. 

  1. What type of Bebas Neue Pro is? 

The font is the upgraded version of the previous typeface. The typeface belongs to the sans serif family and has a classic look. 

  1. What are the Best Alternatives of Bebas Neue Pro? 

Some fonts match the perfection of this typeface. Here are they: – 

  • Stark Modern Sans Serif font
  • Monetizer Condensed sans serif font
  • Montelga- Sans serif font

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