45 Quick & Creative Dying Easter Eggs Ideas

Dip-dyeing is one of the million ways to create colorful Easter eggs. If you are looking for new ways to decorate your eggs and surprise your family with unique designs, here is a collection of 45 best creative dying Easter egg ideas. Here you’ll find marble, golden, pastel, watercolor, donut and even pysanky Easter eggs.

Creative Dying Easter Egg Ideas

DIY Typography Easter Eggs from Lovely Indeed

What could be more creative than typography eggs?

diy typography easter eggs

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Polka Dots Eggs

Add a pop of color top your Easter eggs with this gorgeous tutorial. I have not found a link to this guide, but I’m sure these dots are made with a pencil eraser and watercolor.

polka dotted dying easter eggs

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Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs by The Kitchen Mccabe

This quick guide will teach you how to dye eggs naturally with blueberry.

naturally dyed easter eggs

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Watercolor Floral Easter Eggs from Dream a Little Bigger

This tutorial requires some extra effort, but as a result, you’ll get beautiful, elegant, floral eggs.

watercolor eggs

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Here you’ll get to know how to achieve this amazing golden marble effect. Also, you can read or watch the video tutorial.

mini easter eggs creative ways decorate

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Pastel Easter eggs

Here are gorgeous pastel pink, blue, and silver eggs.

an easter brunch with crate and barrel

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White and Golden egss

Just a picture from Instagram by Trisha Kelley.

white golden eggs decorating ideas

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Polka Dot Easter Eggs

Here is an easy way to dye your eggs polka dot. Light blue and pink colors look nice and lovely.

pastel eggs polka dot

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Galaxy Easter Egg Tutorial

For all Star Wars fans out there, check out these easy galaxy Easter eggs tutorial.

diy painted galaxy easter eggs space dreamalittlebigger 05 1

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A Perfectly Pastel Easter Brunch

This is a recipe for Easter sugar cookies, so you can simply use the image of eggs as an inspiration for this holiday.

pastel silver eggs easter

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Mosaic Easter Eggs

To create these great mosaic Easter eggs, you need to boil eggs, dye them with food coloring, peel the eggs, and gently place the shell to create a mosaic ornament.

mosaic easter eggs

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Paint Splattered Easter Eggs

Paint splattered eggs are easy to make and are a great idea to have fun with your kids.

diyholiday paint splattered easter eggs

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Watercolor letter easter eggs diy

Look at these cute watercolor letters! This is an amazing idea to dye eggs with kids and learn how to write their names.

watercolor letter easter eggs1

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Donut Eggs

For those of you who have a healthy diet and could not eat donuts right now, here is an alternative version – donut eggs.

donut eggs

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Balloon Easter Eggs

You can not turn your Easter eggs not only into donuts but also air balloons! A perfect way to surprise your guests and followers!

baloon easter eggs

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Diy Modern Color-Blocked Easter Eggs

Come up with anew idea for your Easter eggs this holiday and use this amazing colorful egg tutorial.

diy modern color blocked easter eggs

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Creative Black Marker Ornaments Easter Eggs

If you don’t feel like bothering with dye or natural coloring, try this simple yet genius marker ornaments for your eggs.

creative easter eggs black marker

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DIY Splatter Easter Eggs

Another way to add a vibrant pop of color to your Easter eggs.

diy speckled easter eggs

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Amazing Blue Eggs

This is a German tutorial on how to create these gorgeous marble blue eggs, however, if you don’t know German, use Google translator to learn the tutorial.

ostereier reis färben 3

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Diy Painted Brush Stroke Eggs

Put a dab of pink paint and use a flat-edge paintbrush to paint and fleck the paint on eggs. Imperfect strokes make the design more realistic!

diy painted brush stroke eggs

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Concrete Easter Eggs – Decorative Eggs – Alternative Easter egg on Etsy

Decorative eggs will be an ideal addition to your Easter brunch table. You can purchase them on Etsy.

concrete easter eggs decorative

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Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs

Nothing will wow your guests on Easter more than these cute ice cream eggs.

ice cream cone easter egg idea image

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DIY Marbled Indigo Eggs

The way to create these beautiful indigo-blue marble eggs is ridiculously easy. Just check out the tutorial to get to know how to do it.

diy marbled indigo easter eggs 4

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DIY: A Jewel-Toned Easter Tablescape with Designer David Stark

You would need red cabbage, grape juice, beets, and white vinegar to replicate these wonderful Easter egg designs.

diy a jewel toned easter tablescape with designer david stark

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DIY Dyed Robin Eggs

Learn how red cabbage can help you to achieve this perfect shade of blue in this tutorial.

diy dyed robin eggs

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Natural-Dye Easter Eggs

One more natural dye Easter eggs idea to try this holiday. No more dangerous chemical paints for your eggs.

natural dye easter eggsnatural dye easter eggs crafts easter decorations how to

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Cute Eggs

Black marker, paper hats, and a few flowers are all you need to decorate your Easter eggs for the table.

cute eggs

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How to Paint Wooden Easter Eggs

This is a quick tutorial on how to paint wooden eggs that will serve you for years.

animated decorated eggs

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DIY Easter Eggs in Party Hats

Check out this cute tutorial that will show you how to create these amazing party eggs.

diy easter eggs in party hats

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Easy Natural Dye Easter Eggs: Use Cabbage for Blue

The best part about natural dye for eggs is that they all turn out absolutely different! Get many shades of blue for the eggs using red cabbage.

natural egg dye title

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Marble Easter Eggs

This photo of marble eggs is here for your inspiration.

easter in different way

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Naturally Brown Eggs for Easter

Use white fine-point marker to create these gorgeous natural egg designs.

naturally brown eggs

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Black And White Scandinavian-Inspired Easter Eggs

Fun, trendy eggs that were created with a black sharpie.

black and white scandinavian inspired easter eggs

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Beautiful Easter Eggs Hand-Painted with Colorful Folk Art Illustrations

Fantastic Easter eggs inspired by Uzbekistan’s age-old arts and crafts culture.

folk art easter eggs 5

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Frida Kahlo & Mexican Easter Egg Decorations

If you like the art of Frida Khalo or love Mexican culture, check out this amazing guide.

frida kahlo mexican easter egg decorations

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Unique Ukrainian Easter Egg Ideas

I live in Ukraine and I was surprised to get to know that many people from all over the world are searching for Ukrainian Easter eggs and pysanky eggs. That’s why I decided to add a few more beautiful pysanky eggs at the end of the collection.

The traditional Ukrainian method of dyeing Easter eggs consists of melting wax into patterns and paining on a clean egg.

Share Your Easter Eggs in the Comments

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