25 Scary Halloween Fonts to Spice Up Your Designs 2022

Halloween is just around the corner. Everyone will be choosing costumes, decorating the house, buying candies, and doing scary makeup. This holiday has become very popular in the last century and boosted the creation of related paraphernalia, such as costumes, postcards, jewelry, and other stuff. Halloween ranks as a second holiday in the United States by popularity. According to statistics, stores get around $2 billion for selling sweets and candies every year on Halloween.

For many companies and teams, Halloween is a perfect occasion to organize corporate parties and team-building events. There are many solutions to make a spooky celebration. And here is a good selection of Halloween fonts you can use for the posters, invitation cards, websites, and blogs. These fonts will help you make your party not only scary but also elegant and stylish.

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Handwritten Halloween Font Bundle

A perfect collection of handwritten fonts includes 21 different options that will add some eerie atmosphere to your invites and other Halloween projects. You will find sans serifs, brush scripts, geometric brush typeface, and many more styles. From $35.

handwritten halloween font bundle

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Moonhells Typeface + Extras

A Moonhells font is designed to fill the party with more horror and fear. This typeface is especially recommended for poster due to its expressive character. You will get a bonus – a flyer and a Halloween icon. From $26.

moonhells typeface extras

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When Night Comes Font Collection

When Night Comes font collection will greatly underline the Halloween mood of many design projects. You can use it for blog, logos, packaging. 2 font variations and 20 dreamy illustrations offer great style opportunities. From $24.

when night comes font lunar alchemy font by mel volkman esoteric font witch font witchy font magical font beautiful font typewriter font signature font script font 1 long

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Hey Boo – Spooky Halloween Font

Hey Boo font set is not so scary but still has a specific Halloween nature as letters are decorated with little spiders and web. It is a great solution for kids’ projects and parties. From $7.

hey boo spooky halloween font

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Halloween Font

A great uppercase Halloween font will become an appropriate touch for many web designs. It is also good for apps, posters, booklets, and other printed goods. The pack includes an editable vector and a transparent PNG. From $5.


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Scary zombie monster halloween font

Scary Zombie Monster Halloween font will help you make your party really cool. It is perfect for creative invitations and adverisements.

scary zombie monster halloween font

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Okami – Brush Font Zombie Font

A hand-drawn brush font Okami is a perfect solution for bold and eye-catching horrifying headings. It includes uppercase letters and numbers. From $12.

okami brush font

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Pentacle Font

The package includes Pentacle font and 130 spooky hand-drawn icons. Gothic and Sans Serif styles will help create unique Halloween designs in an intimidating manner. From $15.

pentacle font

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Dreadful +Extras

A layered typeface collection conveys the dreadful atmosphere of horror movies and vintage comics. The font is perfect for headings, logos, quotes, clothes designs, etc. It includes a graphic pack, dreadful flyer, and quotes. From $40.

dreadful extras font

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Halloween Freak Show is an original font that is ideal for all types of thematic invitations and other printed products. Letters with dropping blood will add a note of horror to your designs. From $10.

halloween freak show

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Endless Sorrow

A vintage Endless Sorrow font consists of versatile hand-drawn all-caps in a playful style. This font is in a soft Halloween atmosphere and will be appropriate for kids’ holidays and celebrations. From $15.

endless sorrow

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Hallowen Typeface

A Halloween font in a retro style will be a good choice for your holiday projects.6 fonts will easily add that eerie touch to your designs. The pack will be good for invitations and posters. From $9.

hallowen typeface scary

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Stranger Times – OpenType SVG Font

Stranger Times font uses Open-Type SVG technology. It comes in three sizes and looks very realistic. The pack includes OpenSVG font, Regular font, Brushes, and Swash brushes. The typeface can be used in any color and on any background. From $19.

stranger times opentype svg font

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Scurd is a blood-dripping font that ideally matches the Halloween designs. It will enable you to make your horror party even more frightening. It is especially good for flyers and posters. From $12.

scurd font

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Mitoos Halloween font

Mitoos Halloween Font is designed in the good-nature atmosphere. With more than 100 graphic elements, you will easily create endless thematic projects. It is a nice tool for kids’ invitations. From $19.

mitoos halloween font

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Fright Night! A vintage horror font

Fright Night is a vintage horror font collection that comes in 12 options. It offers you perfect tools to combine styles and add scary headings to your projects. From $22.

a vintage horror font

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Take Charge – OpenType SVG Font

Take Charge is an OpenType SVG font. It offers 285 hand-painted characters that can be turned in exclusive designs for social media posts, book covers, all sorts of advertising and branding. From $19.

take charge opentype svg font

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Shriek! Font

Shriek! Font is an ideal option for fun Halloween designs. Quirky and hand-drawn characters will transform your projects and add some spooky feel to them. The typeface is good for both commercial and personal use. From $ 9.

shrek font halloween

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Definitely Haunted Halloween font will complement many designs, from web graphics to traditional invitations. Make your holiday projects more sophisticated with this serif typeface. From $6.

definitely haunted halloween font

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Deathgrin font is made in a horror style. With it, all your projects will turn into dreadful masterpieces. If you are preparing a bone-chilling Halloween party, then it is the right front for your decorations. From $10.


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Witchy: Vector Pack + Font

The Witchy vector pack offers 44 elements to create unique designs in Halloween style. You can change letter size, play with colors and layers. It is a great solution for adding a spooky mood to blogs, websites, and other projects. From $14.

witchy vector pack font

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Chopping Block Font

Chopping Block Font in a bloody style allows creating horrific typography devoted to the Halloween theme. It is ideal for invitations to gothic parties and similar events. From $16.

chopping block font

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Wild Wood Font + Extras

Wild Wood Font and Extras collection is created in the gruesome style of horror movies. It will add mystery shades to your designs. It comes with a bonus set of vectors. From $12.

wild wood font extras

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The Witches Font

The Witches font is equally good for Halloween and esoteric needs. It is only uppercase and recommended for logos, headlines, titles. It will work well in social media and blogs adding the feeling of witchcraft and magic. From $8.

the witches font

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Cheesy Horror Font

Cheesy Horror Font is made in a joyful style with a subtle Halloween hint. You can use it for various projects such as book illustrations, movie posters, graphic designs for eye-catching designs. From $16.

cheesy horror font

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We hope you enjoyed our collection of premium Halloween fonts! Stay tuned!

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