60 Best Free Photoshop Brush Sets to Download

The need for Photoshop brushes has been on the increase. We all want to express our artistic skills, and you should know that Photoshop brushes such as Photoshop smoke brushes and Photoshop hair brushes help you to achieve that. The first step to take towards this is to learn the processes on how to install Photoshop brushes

These Photoshop brushes are time savers while helping you produce that perfect artwork quickly and easily. 

As the demand for Photoshop brushes keeps on increasing, many varieties made available too. This is to say that there are many free Photoshop brush sets you can choose from, and we will be looking at 50 the best of them. 

Free Photoshop Brush Sets

Free photoshop brushes smoke

Also known as the Photoshop smoke brushes helps you get the perfect drawing of a smoke.

smoke phootshop brushes

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Free brushes

These brushes will give you any design you want and is used on any background.

real brush strokes set

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Free starbrush set

This set of the brush is perfect for designing the stars giving it it’s twinkle.

rabies star brushset

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Cloud brush set

The cloud brushes are used in creating what the cloud looks like.

my cloud brushes

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Vintage floral photo brush set

This brush set has about ten floral designs, and it gives your art a decorative look.

vintage floral photoshop brush set

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Concrete brush set

Perfect for hard textures, and it gives your work that subtle yet beautiful look.

concrete photoshop brush set

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Retro subtle brushes

This set is used to make a shabby retro effect on your art.

subtle brush

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Destroyed brush set

This brush set is also used in giving your work that shabby look you want.

destroyed press photoshop brushes

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Soaked stains brush

It has about ten stains soaked in paper and is used to add textures to any digital work.

soaked stains photoshop brush pack

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Radiate brush set

This brush set is great for designing an album and creating abstract backgrounds.

radiate brush set

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Graph paper brushes

This brush is easy to use and useful for a wide range of graphic designs.

free graph paper brush set

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Grungy watercolor brush

This watercolor brush gives your work a light watercolor looks.


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Watercolor photoshop brush

These brushes will also give you that watery appearance.

watercolour ink photoshop brushes 5

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Watercolor splatters brush

It can be used for both personal and commercial purposes as it still gives your work that soggy look.

watercolor splatters photoshop brushes

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Digital waves brush

This brush is perfect for designing prints and web background, and fantasies.

digital waves free ps brushes

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Cloud photoshop brushes

This brush is used to create the perfect definition of the cloud.

high quality cloud photoshop brushes

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My painting brushes

This is an all-purpose brush and can be used literally to paint anything.

my painting brushes concept art speedpainting

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Watercolor free photoshop brush

Watercolour free Photoshop brush: It is used to give your digital work a soggy look.

watercolor photoshop brushes free exclusive download

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Free photoshop brushes to download

Free Photoshop Brushes to download: These brushes will be of immense help when painting, and they include Photoshop hairbrushes and Photoshop smoke brushes.

abstract tech brushes

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Future designers brush

Future designers brush: This brush is perfect for painting something abstract.

fd abstract toolkit

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Vegetal brushes

Vegetal brushes: This brush is the best fit when it comes to painting vegetables.

vegetals brushes

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Painted strokes brush

Painted strokes brush: It is widely used in making collage arts.

high res paint strokes set

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Free psd brushes

Free PSD brushes: These brushes can be used to imitate any artwork and used on any background.

custom free psd brushes

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Photoshop paint brushes

Photoshop paintbrushes: These brushes are used to design whatever project it is you want to create.


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Thick acrylic paint brushes

Thick acrylic paint brushes: It is a beautiful set of brush you can use to add paint to your digital work.

thick acrylic paint strokes free photoshop brush

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Dripping liquid brush set

Dripping liquid brush set: This set has about 14 brushes you can use to design a dripping effect.

dripping liquid

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Photoshop pencil brush

Photoshop pencil brush: This pencil brush is perfect in making excellent sketches of your digital work before you can begin painting.

photoshop pencil brush

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Ragged hard round brush

Ragged hard round brush: It is used at the initial process of color blocking because it has harsh edges and also enables you to produce different skin tones.

skin brush

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Photoshop rain brushes

This brush is used in checking rain effects and in determining the direction the rain is coming from.

rain brushes

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Water brushes free

Water brushes free: This set contains about 20 brushes and is used for designing oceans, ripples, spills, and water drops.

water brushes vol 4

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Creative nerds brush

Creative nerds brush: This set of the brush can serve various purposes, such as giving your work that grungy look, it has a pencil that can be used for sketching and a whole lot of other purposes it could serve.

paint strokes smudges free photoshop brushes

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Star brush free

Star brush free: This brush is used to design or paint starts and add color to designs.

star brushes

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Blood splatter brush

Blood splatter brush: This brush set has about 16 splatters, and each of them is used to create a bloody effect, such as when painting a vampire.

blood splatter brush

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Abstract Brushes

Abstract Brush set: This brush can be used for illustrations or for designing an abstract work giving it that soggy look.

abstract brushes

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Free subtle grunge free brush

Free subtle grunge free brush: This brush set has about ten brush inside it, and it is used to give your digital work a grungy and shabby aged look.

free grunge photoshop brushes

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Watercolour / Watercolor Brushes

This watercolor brush set has 20 beautiful brushes and will give you that amazing water looks you’ve always wanted.

watercolour watercolor brushes

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Fire photoshop brush set

Fire Photoshop brush set: Painting a fire scenario is something difficult most times, but with these Photoshop brush, you can paint the perfect scene, including its flames. Also, note that you can use the Photoshop smoke brushes here.

fire brushes

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Palm leaves brushes

Palm leaves brush: This brush is used for designing palm leaves, giving it a real and nature-oriented look.

palm leaves brushes

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Sweet things brushes

Sweet things brush: It contains eight sets of brushes, and they are used to design pictures of yummy, appetizing, and mouth-watering snacks such as ice cream, doughnuts, and other sweet things you know.

sweet dessert set

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Free clouds photoshop brushes

Free clouds Photoshop brushes: This brush helps you add amazing touches to your already created atmosphere.

cloud realistic brushes

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Dandelion brushes

Dandelion brushes: This brush is used to design delicate artworks.


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Trees in the fog brushes

Trees in the fog brushes: The collection of these tree fog brushes will enable you to create a magical environment.

fog trees brushes

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Pineapple brushes

Pineapple brushes: This brush gives you the perfect natural design of a pineapple.

pinapple fruit

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Weeds and twigs brush

Weeds and twigs brushes: This brush gives you the natural design of weeds and twigs.

twigs weeds outline

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Valentines day brushes

Valentine’s day brushes: This Valentine’s brush will help you design the perfect Valentine gift you will like to give to your loved ones.

love brushes

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Free love brushes

Free love brushes: It’s a freestyle brush that helps you create whichever shape of love you want to.

free love brushes

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Mountain brushes

Mountain brushes: Mountain designs are a little bit hard to create, but with the aid of these brush, you will get it perfect.

hand drawn mountain brushes

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Stipple free brushes

Stipple free brushes: It is used to create tiny dot effects over your work.

stipple brushes

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Huge pack brushes

Huge pack brushes: These brushes are perfect for creating huge and large designs.

lion free brushes

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Snowflake brushes for free

snowflake winter doodle brushes

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Grainy Brushes For Photoshop

grainy brushes for photoshop

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Watercolor Photoshop brush set

watercolor photoshop brush set

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120 Watercolor PS Brushes

120 watercolor ps brushes

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214 Spray Photoshop Brushes

spray photoshop brushes

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Realistic watercolor brushes

realistic watercolor brushes

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The Stipple Brushes Kit

the stipple brushes kit

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Organic Patterns – Photoshop Brushes

organic patterns photoshop brushes

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Beat Tones Halftone Brushes

beat tones halftone brushes

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Watercolor memories – 125 PS brushes

watercolor memories

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Messy Artist Photoshop Brushes

photoshop brush sets

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Have You Found Photoshop Brush Sets You Like?

What Brush set is your favorite in this collection and why? Share with us in the comment field below. Also, ensure to see our articles with paper textures and metal textures

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