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30+ High-Resolution Flowers & Floral Textures to Download

The floral textures were previously considered purely feminine. But today they have firmly taken their place in all spheres and are present in every collection of famous designers of the world. And it is not surprising, as floral prints are a symbol of comfort, warmth, joy, and tranquility.

Floral background will not spoil the style, even if you use them in large quantities. It is difficult to come up with something more appropriate for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Flower design options are limitless: from popular roses to patterns of wildflowers. Floral designs have many advantages:

  1. Flexibility. A floral pattern will fit equally well into all types of content. 
  2. Variability. Despite the classics, floral patterns suggest many variations: naturalistic and abstract, stylized and graphic, micro and macro, colorful and black and white variants, and many others.
  3. Combinability. The flower is one of those elements that go equally well with the neutral background as well as with other prints – the stripes, cells, dots, the animalistic motifs, and many more.

High-Resolution Floral Textures

Flat style abstract floral background

Use a set of flat style abstract floral background templates to make your content more elegant. Vector seamless patterns are perfect for websites and all types of invitations.

flat style abstract floral texture

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Floral pattern collection Premium Vector

The ultimate collection of floral textures. You will find a suitable template for a number of purposes: websites, presentations, ads, printable calendars, and customized design of your posts.

pastel floral texture collection

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Indian Flowers Patterns

An Indian floral ornament is a harmonious combination of colors, aesthetics, and traditions. Create a unique design using images of lotus, mango, flowers of cloves, palm trees, and cypress.

indian flowers patterns

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Colorful spring patterns collection

Spring set of templates will add more energy to your design. The explosion of shades will make your posts look very appropriate and modern. Add green colors and more sun to your stories.

colorful spring patterns collection

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Beautiful floral watercolor seamless pattern

The floral watercolor background will make your content tender and airy. These patterns are ideal for travel and psychology blogs, flower shops, sites for mothers.

beautiful floral watercolor seamless pattern

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Colorful Tropical Foliar Seamless Patterns

Seamless tropical plant patterns are a great solution for graphic and web design. Green backgrounds will skillfully transfer the summer atmosphere. Exotic plants will give a zest to the nature theme.

colorful tropical foliar seamless patterns

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1805 Patterns Bundle

A diverse bunch of seamless botanical patterns. You may find here floral motifs, animals, abstract and geometric ornaments. In general, you will have access to 56 collections for personal and commercial use.

patterns bundle botanic

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Floral Patterns & Illustrations

100 variants of elegant flower prints. Bright colors and designs will help you stand out from the crowd. Experiment with 30 basic patterns by changing color and structure.

floral patterns illustrations pattern to buy

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Memphis Floral Seamless Patterns

This collection offers fresh abstract and floral concepts. Field flowers, retroelement, colorful objects will transform your design and fill it will lightness and tenderness.

memphis floral seamless patterns

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Roses. Watercolor Floral Collection

This set includes 45 sets of floral arrangements on a transparent background. You will also find floral alphabets, wreaths, and frames. You will have everything you need for wedding decorations.

roses watercolor floral background collection

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Colorful ditsy floral print background

Attractive floral backgrounds with the small ditsy flower print. These are optimal options for posters, flyers, mockups, invitation cards.

colorful ditsy floral print background

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Verdant : Abstract Seamless Patterns

A set of 20 abstract textural patterns. These bold and bright templates are good for branding, packaging, web banners, and social media images. Use 156 png images to create an exclusive design.

verdant abstract seamless patterns

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Floral Illustrations & Patterns

Hand-drawn and digitized golden blossom collection. It offers a variety of sophisticated flower arrangements for design. A really elegant solution for high-class logos and cards.

floral illustrations patterns golden

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Summer garden – floral graphic set

Use this summer garden collection for postcards, invitations, posters. This graphic set includes 34 individual elements, 10 floral frames, bouquets, wreaths.

summer garden floral graphic set

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Floral Pattern

It is a set of 5 floral print backgrounds. The design is one of the best options for textiles. Perfect pattern for gift wrapping paper. You may also use this background for creative blogs.

floral pattern different

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Floral Seamless Patterns Bundle

A refined collection of 18 floral swatches. They are represented in Vector EPS and AI formats. Besides all patterns are available with transparent backgrounds.

floral seamless patterns bundle

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Winter Flowers

Hand- drawn winter flower collection. A perfect choice for postcards, invitations, logos, posters, textiles. All designs come as fully editable vector files.

winter flowers

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Spring Mood | Patterns + Elements

Spring mood collection will enhance the festive mood of your design. 10 seamless patterns in pastel shades are great for wallpapers and packaging solutions.

spring mood patterns elements

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Nature background with gray and blue leaves

Big collection of nature background motifs. You can find a design for all possible purposes, from a blog decoration to printed invitation cards. All you need is your imagination.

nature background with gray blue leaves

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Spring pattern collection Free Vector

Huge collection of spring floral designs. Add some holiday mood to your posts, saturating them with eye-catching prints and colors. Use frames, textures, and separate elements.

spring pattern collection beidge

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Tropical print with summer leaves

Add some freshness to your summer posts by leaves images. Switch on your creativity and make exclusive designs with tropical motifs or fill it with the cozy garden atmosphere.

tropical print with summer leaves

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Floral seamless pattern of magnolia and orchid flowers

Floral patterns of magnolia and orchid flowers will help your designs get subtle elegance. These prints will be a winning solution in many designs like invitations, blogs, textiles print.

floral seamless pattern magnolia orchid flowers

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Hand drawn colorful monstera background

Templates with tropical patterns convey warmth and summer mood. This background type is perfect for travel blogs, summer party invitations and much more.

hand drawn colorful monstera background

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Blooms in Spring

45 floral patterns and textures in various interpretations. Create your own fabric designs, wallpapers, art prints, laptop covers, postcards.

background blooms in spring

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Natural background with colorful exotic flowers

A wide selection of natural backgrounds. Floral prints and textures are always in style as they are universal solutions in many cases.

natural background with colorful exotic flowers

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Set fabric vintage floral pattern collection with dark background

The vintage theme always remains in trend. Floral prints on a dark background will bring an element of mystery to your designs. You may use it everywhere to add a magic zest.

set fabric vintage floral pattern collection with dark background

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Geometric Floral Patterns

A set of floral prints arranged in geometrical patterns deserves special attention. 4 unique patterns in 4 different versions will favorably shade necessary content on your blog.

geometric floral patterns

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Dark Creative Seamless Floral Pattern

This floral pattern invites you to express your creative mood. Take a basic pattern and color it to your taste. Make an exclusive design for your site.

intensive seamless floral pattern

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Bloom Floral Pattern Collection

This collection contains 15 seamless floral patterns you can buy and 100 images of blooming plants in gentle colors. You have the possibility to edit the patterns and create a unique design for many purposes.

bloom floral pattern collection

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Artisan Abstract – Artistic Bundle

Multifaceted set of shapes, letters, and illustrations. Use editing options to create the desired design. It is a great solution for wedding invitations, art prints, logos, packaging.

bloom floral pattern collection 1

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